Montessori, Mice, and Pumpkin Parties

Today was a fun, full day. Well it actually started yesterday.

Yesterday we had mice. They were not cute. They were not cuddly. They were not small and fuzzy.


These mice were nasty, big, and dead.

Correction, 2 out of the 3 were dead. The other? Still breathing. I watched it to make sure it didn’t scamper off — it did eventually die.

That’s right, people. We came home from the happiest place on Earth only to find that our home had been invaded by Mickey’s little mouse friends. Mickey pretends to be a fun character but really he’s out to ruin my clean, plague-free life by sending his little nasty friends to die in my children’s clothing cubbies. Yep. There was a dead mouse in Charlotte’s pants cubby. 2 in the basement.

Know what I did yesterday? I set 10 mouse traps and did 6 loads of laundry on the “sanitize” setting. I washed anything that was not hung up — including anything in cubbies and wire drawers. Because I think mice might be carriers of the plague. I don’t really know this, but somewhere in my mind, this thought crept up and that’s all it took to get me in sanitize mode.

So anyway, yesterday was spent cleaning. Today though? Today was great. I went to Maria’s school to take pictures of every child (there are, like, 140 0f them or something). Then I edited them. Then we all went to Jamie’s school (Children’s House Montessori) where he showed us all of his “materials” and “lessons.” It was adorable. He was so excited to show us, I thought he might burst. His adorably high voice was running at no fewer than 2,000 words per second (that may be exaggerating a tiny bit) and he explained each and every lesson to us that he could remember. “Maria! Come over here I want to show you this really cool thing. But you can’t take it home because it’s part of our lesson.” We learned about the pink tower, the number rod, and how he matches up letter sounds with objects. He also showed us his play area, a place where he reads, and how he washes his hands. He is absolutely LOVING everything about Ms. Megan’s school and I could not be more thrilled that he is there. It is a perfect fit for him!

After that, we went home because we had to get ready for Andy and Cenone’s pumpkin party.

We got to Cenone’s and were greeted by this little pup:


The table was adorable.


There were jack-o-lantern beer coozies, chips in a cute bowl, popcorn goodie bags, you name it.

A pinata. There was a pinata for goodness’ sake.


Glow sticks to help the kids find their way through the sweet corn maze. And a corn maze. This was a real party, people.



Alice had fun running through it.






Led by Cenone, we found our way out…


…muddy boots and all.


This is the view from the corn to their house. With the Lewiston hill in the background, it looks pretty awesome.


Guarding the patch were scarecrows big…


…and small.


And even after the deer ate some pumpkins,


there were plenty left for all the kids (there were so many kids!) to pick whatever they wanted, plus some.




The big kids ran and played and Charlotte even had a few friends to play with, too.




It was a really great party. The kids had a blast running and screaming and picking corn and pumpkins and gourds. Danny and I had fun hanging out with friends, but still hanging out with our kids.

We feel really lucky that Cenone and Andy are such great friends — and let us take advantage of their (awesome) farm. They love our kids (not gonna lie, I’m pretty sure Cenone loves them more than Andy does, but he’ll catch up…) and are a lot of fun to hang out with, too.

Cheers to friends. And pumpkins. Not to mice.


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