Crafts and Painted Pumpkins

Today I was feeling crafty. I have no idea why, because I’m not really crafty. I like to start projects or I get these really awesome ideas, but then I realize how much time and patience it takes and I’m done. Before I even start.

But today I actually went to JoAnns and got some stuff. Fabric and hot glue and beads and felt.

I made this:


A mickey mouse onesie for Charlotte to wear tomorrow. But I’m going to put a tiny little red bow on the ear and turn it into Minnie Mouse. She’ll look pretty stinking cute, like always. Add a touch of classic Disney (not the new-cartoony Disney, no thank you) and you’ve got an extra cute kind of cute.

I also made some headbands.


Some people have an obsession with buying shoes. Or maybe they collect ribbon (cough, Mom, cough). Or maybe they have a zillion scarfs. Well in the Prasil house, our drawers are overflowing with headbands. I’ve got headbands from Sprinkles for Sprouts, I have some from Josie-Girl, some from my friend Meagan at Plum Sweet and now it looks like I’m adding some to the mix.

This is my favorite:


There is one outfit in particular that Charlotte will look especially put together in with this accessory. I do love accessories.

But after I made a mess in the kitchen with hot glue on the counter tops and fabric scraps on the floor I thought, “Why the hell not? Let’s paint a pumpkin.”

So we drove over to Andy’s farm (when Maria found out, she said, “Ah, mom, I haven’t seen him this whole month!!”) and picked a good size pumpkin and took it home.


Perfect size. But….a little dirty. But have no fear, Alice is here.


After a good wipe-down, the shiny pumpkin was ready to be painted.


I had a decision to make: do I purchase the permanent poster paint that will look awesome even after a couple weeks but risk getting all over the patio and the kids? Or do I go with the washable paint that will rinse off easily yet probably also wash off the pumpkin after the first rain? I chose the latter.



The kids had so much fun painting that pumpkin.

[so cute]

Alice took it very seriously.



And after 20 minutes, it looked like this:


They are artists, what can I say?

And I was right…paint everywhere.




And after we picked up Ria, we took the pumpkin to its new home.


Now purple and pink swirls may not have been Clay’s first choice but I’m pretty sure he’d love it regardless of the colors. The kids were very proud of the pumpkin and are certain that Clay loves it, too. I’m pretty certain myself.

We were going to meet Cenone there because she has corn stalks to put up, but she got off work just a tad too late for us to meet her.

And then we headed out. We WERE going to go give my mom a french-tipped pedicure (I don’t mean to brag, but my french pedicures are the bomb) but she wasn’t there! Disappointing. But I had a zillion and one things to do at the house to get ready to go, most of them involving cleaning (vacuuming out the car, doing the last load of laundry, etc.) so we headed home. Alice fell asleep in the car and was not happy to get out. Obviously I took pictures of the crying mess that was Alice.




Yes, she may have been crying because her hair was a mess. Or maybe it was that gigantic stain on the front of her dress that was the final straw. But seriously, Alice, how on Earth could you be so sad when you’re rocking such awesome shoes?


Happy Monday!


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