SSSssssoccer and Spaghetti Saturday

Yesterday after school, we brought Payton home with us. The girls had soccer practice, so why not a quick play date before? But first…snack.



She can get a little crazy with her gogurt.

And after snack, the girls put their soccer gear on to practice.


I went out to check on them and what did I see?

Their soccer ball, lonely in the grass…

…the girls on the 4 wheeler, motorcycle helmets and all. Awesome.

They got tired running. I don’t blame them.

So they came in for a little bit and then we were off to practice.

[her face is hilarious in this picture.]

After practice, we met our friends the Finches for dinner (Payton’s family). Ya know how you like someone and you’re glad you are friends with them, but then you really hang out with them and you realize you really REALLY like them. Like, their kids are awesome and they are super easy to be with? Yep, that’s how it went for us with the Finches. Love them.

And then we went home (after 3 of our 4 children passed out at dinner) and woke up and went to breakfast then to a soccer game and then Maria had a playdate while the little kids hung out at home. And played and played.

Oh, and ate spaghetti.




[eating spaghetti is messy business]

[have you seen a cuter 2 year old?]

And Miss Charlotte, propped up on the sofa, was enjoying it all.


Even attacks made by Alice.



I’m not sure if you would believe this, but I’m going to tell you anyway: she’s even more beautiful in real life. I know, hard to imagine. She is the most beautiful baby.

[following in the footsteps of 2 girls and a boy before her]


She is so good. She just hangs out, totally soaking in all the chaos around her. Her brother and sisters run crazy and are loud and come and kiss her face and her toes and blow raspberries on her belly…and she just smiles.


Finally Maria came home. This boy was happy:


And the bffs reunite.


Tonight, Danny and I are going to a highschool athletics fundraiser. We are lucky we have a really great babysitter (Kara). She learned from the best (I used to babysit her and her brother when they were little). We are taking Charlotte because we’ll be gone longer than a couple hours, but the big kids were really excited when I told them she was coming. And Danny and I? We get a little bit of peace and quiet before our vacation on Tuesday.

Happy Saturday!


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