Friday Favorites

It’s Friday.

#1) Sperry


I love a good Sperry shoe. A Sperry boot? Even better. What could possibly be better than a Sperry boot? A child-sized Sperry boot.

There are many things that make me happy, but dressing my children is in the top 10. I love it. I love finding clothes that not only match their personalities, but that I love too. When I have extra money to spend (like from photo sessions or stuff like that) I usually spend it at Mini Boden or crewcuts or Zara or Nordy’s. And nothing completes a totally girly , flowy dress like a pair of unisex Sperry boots.

#2) Dyson


I use our vacuum often. Twice a day usually. When you have a golden retriever, you kind of have to unless you want your children, yourself and any guests to walk out of your house covered in red/orange dog hair. Gross. Our Dyson vacuum is the best.

#3) Vacations — and saving for them so that when you get there you don’t feel like you’re spending a ton of money.


So you know when you book a vacation and you buy the flights and hotel? You spend that money and it’s a big chunk, but you’ve spent it and it’s out of your mind and you can relax? Well then you get to your destination. It’s not like you forgot you had to spend money on food and shopping and entry fees and stuff like that, you just didn’t really put too much thought into how much it would actually all cost. I’ve done this before.

And with a $15 churro at Disneyland x 6 people x 5 days….(okay, not that expensive, but pretty dang close)…plus other food and toys, there is nothing worse than getting home from California and looking over all your receipts and adding up exactly how much money you ate. Which is why I like to buy Disney gift cards from the time I book our vacation until the time we leave. $25 here….$15 there…over the course of 4 months, it adds up. Now when we get to Disneyland, we have our gift cards to use.

We leave in 4 days. Which will seem really short because today is Friday (Friday, Friday, Friday ooohhhhhh…..) and we all know how fast weekends fly by. And then one short Monday. Then 3:30 am will come and we’ll be heading to the airport.

She’s excited:

[excited and beautiful. that’s Maria.]

But until then? We have a weekend of soccer (totally will blog it, don’t worry), movies (Lion King is in theaters) and lots and lots of playing.


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