Disney Trips and Favorite Things

Next week, we’re going to Disneyland and we are sooo excited. The kids travel really well, and when it comes to traveling and vacations, Danny rubs off on me and we’re really laid-back and go with the flow. Does that surprise you? It kinda surprises me, too. But it’s true. Not much gets me rattled when we’re on vacation as long as everyone is safe. On Tuesday, we hop on a 5:15am plane and head for California.

And yesterday, I started packing. Yep, a whole week in advance. Unless you have more than 2 children, you have absolutely NO IDEA how much time and thought goes into packing for so many people for a vacation. You might think you do, but I’m telling you that you don’t. And I know everything. Pretty much. Jamie is pretty easy. I’ll pack his Phinneus and Ferb t-shirt and a Toy Story t-shirt along with everyday clothes and jammers and undies. Done. But the girls?

fave things-2

That’s a lot of tulle.

fave things-3

They have matching Snow White dresses that they will wear one day and then I packed another dress for them to wear another day. And I’ll buy them one when we’re down there (because honestly, a little girl can never have too many princess dresses. That is a fact.). But in addition to those big puffy dresses, they have to wear pants under them, plus clothes to put on when we are there at night (because it’s kinda chilly), plus swimming suits, their “dress” jammers, and any and all accessories. Girls are hard work. And we have 3.

Oh, and this is kinda funny. I’ve been holding on to this for a year:

fave things-1

My parents got it for Alice when they were in Disneyland last year. But look….it still has the security thingy on it. The thing that can only be taken off at the register. I thought, “No big deal, I’ll take it to Macy’s or Penney’s and have them take it off.” I get there and the girl says, “Ooooooh. Yeah, uhh, this is a special one. No one in town has one of these. But you could go and buy a really huge magnet and try and get it off yourself.” A really huge magnet??? I held on to it because I knew we were probably going to be making a Disney trip this year. So smart. Now we will exchange it, try and get them to believe us that we really did buy it last year, and get one that fits Alice now. And I’ll play it off like it was a gift from us. Genius.

Back to packing…nothing is worse than trying to find clothes to pack when you have loads of laundry you still have to do. Mountains and mountains of laundry? Totally the usual here in the Prasil house. So I did all the laundry. ALL of it.

fave things-6

Folded into nice, neat piles organized according to the room they live in (Alice and Jamie share a closet, as do Charlotte and Maria) the clothes made my living room smell fresh and clean.

fave things-7

So fast forward and it’s my favorite things party I was telling you all about. The one where my friends came and each brought their favorite thing times 5. Then they gave those 5 things to 5 random guests so everyone went home with 5 gifts. Awesome and fun. We were going to go outside, but we had wind gusts of 87 mph (maybe it was more like 10-15, but that was still way too windy) so we had to move it inside which was fine. A little warm, but fine. Cenone helped me get set up (as per usual) and even made sausage stuffed meatballs. Mmmmm they were good. I love a good stuffed shroom. The other food was yummy, too.

fave things-40
[caprese skewers with prosciutto]

fave things-41
[marinated green beans, meat, baby potatoes with sour cream, bacon and chives, stuffed shrooms, meatballs, crostini with seafood spread and/or chicken salad]

It was good. Oh, and there was wine.

fave things-46
[I know this picture is horrible, my light was really bad and I had the wrong setting on my camera. Oops.]

Hailey was in charge of drinks because I would have said, “What color wine?” She knows about wine. Thank goodness, because I need to be taught.

Favorite things shared:

Stila Lipgloss (mine)
Crocheted Coozies (Shay)
Nail Polish (Tina and Hailey)
Wine (Cenone)
Pier One Awesomeness (Sadie)
My Mama’s Rub (Alicia)
Bracelets (Sandy)
Body Shimmer (Marci)
Reusable Grocery Bags + Every Day with Rachael Ray (Amy)
Bath and Body Works yummies (Sara)
Martini Goodies (Amber)

It was a lot of fun. Like, a lot of fun.

See? They had fun.

fave things-50
[they’re pretty much my bffs]

So if anyone is thinking about doing a favorite things party…do it. And if you host it, maybe you should tell people to bring 6 things and leave one at the door for the hostess.


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