The First Weekend of Fall

So I’m pretty sure that Fall started this week. The 21st or 22nd right? I think so. Anyway, Friday began the first weekend of Fall this year and it started off really great for Maria and Jamie…not so great for this little bug:


Yep. That’s a tear in her eye. Just minutes before, she watched Maria and Jamie drive away with Grandma and Grandpa, going to the fair. It was my choice to keep Alice at home — Grandma Cheri was very willing to take her, but I knew that they would have an easier, more laid back, not quite as screechy and screamy time with the big kids. She got over it quickly.


She had no idea that Ria and Jamie were having the time of their lives riding carnival rides, spotting friends, eating yummy food, getting prizes and then going to McDonald’s for dinner. Crazy how spoiled those kids are. Back home, before I knew it, Alice was out.


Which happened at a not-so-great time. Dinner time. We woke her up, packed Charlotte up, and the 4 of us went to Thai Taste.

[the cuisine really is quite exquisite]

Charlotte was pretty happy to be there. I think.


The decor inside Thai Taste is simple.


Gourds and pictures of who I can only assume is some leader…does that make me sound completely stupid? Yep? Well it’s true, I have no clue who that person is watching us eat…

…eat our exquisite cuisine.


Okay, so Alice had the ol chicken nugget stand by. Danny had shrimp pad thai and I had chicken fried rice…2 stars. (stars tell you how hot it is…spicy hot)


The chicken fried rice is so good. I’m talking….sooooo good.

So are the vegetable spring rolls with plum sauce.


At the end, we had LOTS AND LOTS of take away.


That, plus 2 little ones that we took to my mom. She loves Thai Taste, but my dad doesn’t. So I was hoping it’d be a little treat for her.

We went home, Alice played with her Polly Pockets (she scored some more at a yardsale) and Charlotte slept. Danny and I watched tv and waited for the big kids to get home. They came running through the door telling us how much fun they had. Then “Movie Night” started with Cinderella (getting ready for Disneyland in 1.5 weeks you know)…ending with 3 very tired kids.

Then today, we woke up kinda early. Some of us (baby Charlotte) wanted to sleep in, but Alice would never allow it.



“Cooooooochy coo. Coooooooochy coo.”


My kids are so lucky. They love each other so much.

We got up, ready, and were out the door at 8:30. Headed to Daily’s.

Shelves and shelves of donuts and fritters and muffins.


Mmmmmm. My favorite is the vanilla muffin. Just plain vanilla muffin mix with a sugar dusted top. Could it get any more perfect? Maria didn’t think so.

[I am going to grow Maria’s hair long and put it in pigtails…I’m sick of her looking so old.]

Alice and Jamie each got chocolate donuts.


Alice likes to lick the top off…take itty bitty bites…then leave the rest.


And she doesn’t even care that she leaves a disgusting mess.

[so maybe that’s how her face gets so dirty]

Maria nibbled on a vanilla muffin and also got steel cut oats. I had 1/2 order of biscuits and gravy (huge…I could only finish 1/2 of that!) and Danny had a breakfast sandwich. Daily’s is awesome.

Then we went to the skatepark — at 9:30, there were only a few other people there but by 10:00, we were the only ones, which was a lot of fun. I rolled in. It’s true, I did it. NOT as cool as dropping in, that’s for sure, but it’s one step closer.

And then we went home to clean up the patio.




Dirty. We power washed the patio concrete and the tables. So filthy. I didn’t take an after photo because I’m waiting until I take pictures of my party. Oh, what? You didn’t know I’m hosting a party? I am. I’m inviting some friends over and asking them to bring their favorite thing (times 5) to share with everyone. There will be food and wine and presents. Awesome, right? Thank you, Pinterest.

And in closing…


Happy Baby.


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