Friday Favorites

It’s Friday and we all know that every single Friday I post Friday Favorites.

What? I don’t?

I’m trying harder. And since today is Friday and I have a few minutes, I’m gonna do it. I’m really doing it….


Here are my favorite things from the past week:

Mo Willems.


Anyone with kids knows who I am talking about. Anyone with kids who actually reads to their children. Mo Willems has a ton of really great kids books, my favorites being anything starring Pigeon and Knufflebunny. For the kids, though, Piggie and Gerald are the best. They are early reader books, but are so cute. Jamie is able to read several of them and Maria has them mastered. So fun to read with your kids when it’s a book that is short, cute, and funny. Love Mo Willems.

Peanut Butter.

Jif to Go-sol

But not just any PB. Jiff to Go. I love these little packets. I can put one in Maria or Alice’s lunch along with a bagel, apple, and crackers and she can spread it on any or all of these things. Easy and quick.

Bella Bands.


When I was pregnant, I wore one almost every day with my regular jeans. I only gained 4 pounds (that’s the sound of my own horn tooting) so my jeans fit everywhere but that baby belly. Can I admit something? I still wear them. See that girl on the far right? Stephanie? Her baby looks like she might be Charlotte’s age, so I’m taking that as my ticket to board the Bella Band Postpartum Train. Yep, there is one, so climb aboard. I’m gonna admit another thing: even though I only gained 4 lbs, Maria, Jamie and Alice have left me with a rather large reminder of their pregnancies. My belly. Not pretty, not cute and definitely not small. So I wear one over my jeans because it kinda hides things like muffin tops. Whatever.

Little Einsteins.


My kids love TV but they aren’t allowed to watch a ton of it, that’s the truth. If I let them, they’d love to watch it more. But we watch 1/2 hour in the morning and maybe 1/2 hour in the evening. If a babysitter is over, I let them watch it then, too. But my favorite show they watch is Little Einsteins. My kids actually learn things from them. The other day Jamie said, “Alice is moving very retardando.” Where did he learn that? Little Einsteins. (For those of you who don’t know, ‘retardando’ is a term used for very slow music.) Little Einsteins is very appropriate (and if you know me, this is very important) and cute and who doesn’t love a tv show centered around art and classical music? Sponge Bob? Totally inappropriate and not allowed in this house. THATS how strict and not fun I am.


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