Target, Skateboarding and The Ocean

Last weekend, the six of us made the trip back over to Portland. It seems like we were just there, and it reminded me of when we just had Maria. We were in Portland or Seattle every other month. Ooooh, it was fun. It’s a little different with four little kittens running around (well, three of them run…the fourth just chills) but still fun. We’ve found our groove in being mama and daddy and I think we’re pretty good at it. It’s not hard for us to pack up and go.

Especially when i know we’re going somewhere fabulous…somewhere where Target stores are the norm. That is magical.


It was one of our first stops because I forgot to pack the kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste and socks for me. I know, socks, but it was chilly and I packed tennis shoes. Anyway, Danny-the-best-dad-ever stayed in the car with the kids while I “ran in really quick” to get the stuff. It turned in to 40 minutes. 41 because I was the crazy person in the dressing room taking pictures (I knew I was gonna blog it).


And after I tried on some clothes (am I the only one on Earth who doesn’t like Missoni??) I headed to the toy aisle to get some bribe gifts for the kids. Because I do bribe my children. How else would I possibly get them to be good for pictures?!

[the pink aisle. puke.]

And after I got back in the car (“Geez, the lines were sooooooo long….”) we headed to Tigard skatepark for some skating.


[that thing Jamie is standing on it turns around and around…fun.]


I stayed in the car with the babies because they were both sleeping. But when Alice woke up, she wanted out.


I was going to give her a hand out of the car, but she used her favorite line, “I not need help,” and navigated the way down, looking very tiny and cute the entire time.



Does this look dangerous? Yes, totally. But I was on the complete other end of the skatepark with one baby attached to me (eating) and my camera in hand. I could do nothing. Except scream loudly at them.


You other mamas understand. That moment that your heart stops and you’re sure that your baby will get hurt. You panic. And scream. Loud.

It worked and they looked at me and got down. Little stinkers. Then we watched Daddy skate.


He’s pretty good, and I love it that my kids get to watch him do something he really loves. And he looks so cute doing it.


[do not mind the sweet socks and toms combo]

And while the big kids ran and jumped and squealed, Charlotte was her usual fussy, bad-baby self.




Nope. Perfect. As per.

The kids jumped in the bowl and practiced.



And Alice got her shoes (back) on and practiced her running. Very good.



And screeching.


And then got distracted by the “he-ha”….which is what, for no real reason, she calls an airplane.


The big kids finished up and it was about time to go.




And then Charlotte wanted to drop in….


She rocked it. And so did Alice and Danny when they took a quick last-minute ride.


After Tigard, we went to Washington Square Mall, got some lunch, and then headed to another skate spot that Danny heard about. It was tiny, under a bridge and slightly sketchy.



The rest of the day was spent hanging out, doing a whole lot of nothing. That night, the kids and I ordered Godfather’s Pizza and hung out at Josh’s house while Josh and Danny went to Beast, a restaurant owned by Naomi Pomeroy who was on Top Chef Masters. I love Top Chef, but even with that, there’s no way I would eat at Beast. They had fois gras, lots of meat, salmon roe, head cheese….sick, I cannot go on or I will lose my lunch. But they had a really great time.

The next day, we headed to the coast.


I knew we were close when it turned foggy and musty.

And then there we were.



It was cold. Hoodie and jeans cold. But the kids didn’t care and they got right out of the car and ran crazy on the beach while Alice and Charlotte slept.




[this is a little blurry…but he was just so fast. Like, super duper fast.]





And then Maria came up to me with a shell…


She was so pleased with it and excited to show Jamie that there were LOTS AND LOTS over by the fire pit…


Someone’s dinner scraps. But I didn’t say that…I told her that she found quite a treasure…and that, no, we weren’t going to take any home…

We left haystack rock…


…and it started to drizzle a bit. WHich would be fine if we weren’t going to meet Michelle Wolf to get our photos taken!! The drizzle was okay and she got some really gorgeous shots of Maria and Jamie (I am talking beautiful!) but before we had a chance to get dry family photos, it started to pour.

We waited it out in our car, thinking it would stop. But it didn’t. So we broke into the bribe gifts.


We thought it would occupy the kids and the sky would magically clear up. It didn’t.



But look at this perfect spot Michelle found:


I posed for a shot, but got too wet.


[note to self: the cape/poncho will be much cuter when you lose 20 lbs, I promise]

We left the coast after pictures (and rescheduled family pics until after Michelle has her TWIN babies early next year) and went to PF Changs for dinner.



And I waited behind so I could snap a picture of them. And as I looked at them, I realized (not a new realization by the way) just how wonderful life is. Look at them…my 5 favorite things in the entire world all in one place. Together, happy, healthy, silly, fun, and beautiful. Life is really wonderful.


We ate dinner and went back to Josh and Liisa’s where the kids watched “Sleeping Beauty” (in preparation for our Disney trip!) and we watched “The Soup.” And the next morning, after breakfast with Liisa’s family, we left. It was a really fun weekend, something we need to remember to do more often – get out of town, have fun together, and remember how lucky we are.

And today? Today is Monday and it’s a great day. The babies and I went grocery shopping and while I am typing this, the oldest 2 of my babies are watching Little Einsteins and eating a bagel snack.

Life is good.


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