Weekend Faves

Cannon Beach, OR (I did not take this picture)


I love the ocean. It’s calming and beautiful and makes everything right. Don’t you think? You can go to the ocean and the waves instantly soothe you. Or maybe just me. Either way, it’s one of my favorite things. Which makes me a lucky girl because I’m here this weekend.

Hanna Anderrson jammies.

HA jams

My mom rocks. Each time I have a new baby (I know, it sounds like I have one every 2 years or something….) she buys them matching HA jammies. Ooooh they are the best. They zip up for one. For 2, they don’t have feet on them so when your little ones gets a little long (or, as humans say, tall) they still fit and you can just put HA socks (also my favorite thing) on their tiny little toes to keep them warm. Perfect. Oh, and they come in lots of different colors so that you can coordinate with the big kids. It’s kinda our thing to coordinate HA jammies, especially in the hospital. no big deal.

Dakine Luggage


[first of all, don’t let the picture fool you…you can’t really zoom in. I took that picture off a store website.]

I love Dakine luggage. Danny got me a set of this exact pattern for my birthday one year. He got me the whole shebang: a carryon, a big size (which is really 2 because there is a ‘top’ bag that attaches to the bottom one), a backpack and a laptop case. Not gonna lie, I’m the coolest mom at the airport. If you take out the sweet ponytail, the muffin top, the crying 4 children and the lack of makeup. THEN I’m totally the coolest.


Now excuse me while I tidy up Josh and Liisa’s living room.  They are all gone (Josh and Dan went on a date…yes, a date…and Liisa is at a football game) so it is just the 4 kittens and me.  I don’t need to tell you that the living room is a mess because I’m sure you already imagined that.  We scored a Barbie jet at a yardsale for $5 (a steal) and a set of building gears for another $5.  Every single tiny piece is on Josh’s floor. 

And another thing.  My family must be Josh’s special lucky charm.  So we wake up this morning to take showers and get ready and I see Josh.  It’s a Friday, remember.  I see Josh in the hall wearing a Husky sweatshirt and workout shorts.  Now maybe if it was 5:00am, this wouldn’t be that weird, I’d just assume he had been working out.  But it’s 8:45.  He doesn’t wear workout clothes to work…he’s a lawyer.  He had actually had to take care of some things.

1)  Their cat sprained its shoulder.  Yep.  Cats can do that, apparently.  What’s the zinger?  Their other cat did it to her.  Yep.  Cats beat each other up, too.  At least they do in Shadow Wood. 

2) Liisa’s purse got stolen from her car last night.  The purse which held her credit cards, checkbook, work id badge, keys, etc.  If that’s not a pain, I’m not sure what is.  Well I do because I’ve birthed 4 humans, but emotionally?  Losing all that stuff sucks way worse. 

SO on that note…happy Friday!


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