Friends with Farms

You all know, so I won’t explain again about our friends Andy and Cenone who have a farm.

Today, the babies and I went to visit. The babies being Alice and Charlotte because the big kids (being Maria and Jamie) were busy getting an education.


Beans like you wouldn’t believe. Are those beans? Yes, I see them. All hundreds of those delicious green strings hanging down. So many beans.

And corn.


Look at it all. So much corn. I love corn and they share with us as if they have an endless supply. So nice.

Tiny gourds…


They’ll look cute on our mantle around Halloween. Yep, I’m planning on picking a couple.

And finally….pumpkins.


What? The vines don’t look lively and green and lush? Most of them do, this is just a small sample of what Cenone and Andy have grown. Who would stomp on pumpkins, threatening to ruin the childrens’ harvest party?! Deer, that’s who.

And as a sidenote, let me just say that mama deer need to pay closer attention to baby deer because last night I was less than 1 foot away from hitting and killing a baby deer. Not cool, mama. Not cool.

In closing, I’d like to thank my friends with a farm. My friends who give us veggies more than once a week. Who let my kids come and run through their field and feed their goat marshmallows. Who agree to buy a cow as well as a lamb with my husband AND let him plan on growing hops at their farm.

Friends with farms rock.


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