Alice’s New Friend

I have a friend named Gwen who is in the valley for a couple months.  She has 2 kids, Ana and Jack.  Ana is a big kid (5th grade) and Jack is only a week older (or maybe it’s younger?) than Alice.   This afternoon, we went and got Jack and headed to our house to play.  On the way home, Alice and Jack had had it. They fell asleep.


So after parking in our driveway and getting everything else inside (the kids’ lunches, Charlotte, and random shoes and shirts. Yes, shirts.) I had to wake them up. Alice and Jack, that is. We went inside and got situated with our lunch.

And since Jack is relatively new to the valley, I wanted to treat him to a valley favorite: Sharp’s. (The truth is that I was planning on eating Sharp’s whether he came with us or not.)


Mmmmm. Containers upon containers of special sauce. I gave each of the kids one. Just one. Obviously, I saved the rest in the fridge for later.

They got up to the table and started eating.



Alice was so thrilled to have a friend over, she couldn’t stop smiling and showing off.



Jack humored her and joined in. Cute faces and silly games. “Up Down in the Chairs” was their favorite.


Look at his curls.

[seriously?? lucky kid.]



And is it really a kids’ meal without a toy? No.


That’s actually one of the best toys I’ve seen.

Charlotte woke up and needed some love, so I skip-hopped on over to her.


And while I was feeding Charlotte, the little kids escaped the lunch table and found the toys. Jamie got home with Danny and after hearing a new voice in the house, he ran to inspect. They all had a blast.

[a fake nap. big deal.]

Jack is a Toy Story fan and he was in luck coming to our house.  Jamie LOVED having a boy to share his toys with.




Having Jack to play was a blast. He was perfect. It’s good for Alice to share her toys and play with someone her own age — someone who is fun and silly and talkative, just like her. Give her a taste of her own medicine 😉


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