4 Months Old, I Spy, and Loveeeee

Charlotte is 4 months old.  4 MONTHS!  I swear I was just doing a blog post about her finally arriving.  I swear I was, just…..4 months ago.


She got shots yesterday at her 4 month well-baby visit. She wailed and wailed and wailed and it was so sad.

Remember when she was in the 86th percentile for weight? Well she’s averaging out and now she’s in the 42nd. 13 lbs and a few oz. We were at the park today with Ben and Chandi and Malea (our friends). The second they left, a couple girls with a baby came over and started asking all these questions about Charlotte. Then I heard the baby cry a little so I went to take a peek and I was that person.

“ooooh, he’s a big boy!”

Because, seriously, he was huge. Like….giant. Should not have been in that tiny infant carseat, that’s for sure.

“Yep…17.5 lbs. He’s my biggest.” Uhhhhh. “And he’s only 3 months old.” That’s big.

“Well he sure is cute…” as I quietly (silently) cursed Ben and Chandi for leaving me.

But back to my baby, she is growing right on track and is as beautiful as ever.

After her appointment, we went to pick up Jamie.


I spy with my little eye, an adorable 4 year old in striped shorts playing in the garden. Find him? So cute.

And then today we were busy. All 3 of the big kids had school (shhhh, Alice doesn’t know it’s really daycare) and I had errands to run. Then Charlotte and mama went down to 13 ways where my friend Josh Corder inks people up (is that how cool people say “give tattoos?” I’m going with it.). I didn’t get “new ink” but I did repierce my nose. I got it pierced pretty much the day I turned 18 and somewhere along the way, it got taken out and grown over. Sick. But I finally decided to just do it again. Ouch. Piercing scar tissue hurts.

But they are pretty awesome down there. And then after that we picked up Jamie, went to the park, saw some giant babies, picked up Alice, visited Cenone at our house, then picked up Maria.

And THEN I took some photos for my friends Megan and Kyle:





They’re cute.


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