Howdy, Partner.

Today was Western Day at All Saints, where the kids are encouraged to dress up in their best western outfits.  Because in Lewiston/Clarkston, most kids have some western apparel.


Maria loves Western Day.


“Jamie, today is Western Day and there is going to be REAL rodeo royalty!!”

She doesn’t lie. It’s true — real, live, honest to goodness rodeo royalty will be visiting the school. She could not be more thrilled. Her beloved pink boots that Andy got her are too small so they are going in the “Pass-On-To-Alice” bin while Maria rocks some new ones. With new boots, a new shirt, and her hat from last year (which has seen better days, but isn’t that what your favorite things are all about?), Maria is ready to meet the royalty. She even perfected the “boot stance.”


She’s so cute.

This little one? She also decided that today was going to be a special day…and her toes needed to prove it.


Teal nail polish on those tiny little toes. And we are out of nail polish remover. Either that, or I just can’t find it. Awesome, because today Miss Charlotte has a 4 month well-baby visit and Dr. Ambrosen will see those colorful toes. Letting my 2 year old get into the cupboards and paint freely with toxic polish? No big deal.


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