That stands for “What I Wore Wednesday”

I know that it’s Thursday, but we all remember how “Friday Favorites” went….

I’m going to try, every Wednesday, to post what I wore. Why would I want to do that? Because if I don’t try hard, I’m a sloppy dresser. Yoga pants are comfortable and my flip flops rock.

If I try and impress you all with a WIWW post, at least I’ll be presentable once a week.

No, but really, it’s just for me and it’s good incentive for me to look my best more often. NOT that it totally matters, because I can still get my kids to school, hug them and kiss them and tell them I love them a million times if I’m wearing sweats and t-shirts. But it’s also nice to look nice while doing it ūüôā

Also a note: I do not think I am some fashionista. Like…..at all even a little bit. So I’m not posting these thinking you all are going to be blown away by the awesome stuff I wear and how cute it is…because believe me, you won’t be. I’m boring and basic, fyi.

So here is my first WIWW.



Old Navy tailored shirt

Old Navy short shorts

Sperry boat shoes
I’m also doing this because this website is pretty rad. ¬†Polyvore.com. ¬†You can create your own outfits — from what you have in your closet (like I did) or from clothes you wish that were in your closet (which I’m sure I will do sometimes…and lie to you all). ¬†It’s a lot of fun. ¬†And a huge time-waster. ¬†And I have tons of time to waste while my laundry piles up, the kitchen sink fills up and my floor begs for a good vacuuming. ¬†Whatever.

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