Car Washes and Celsius Readings

My car is filthy. It’s the kind of filthy that even a good windshield wiper fluid swipe doesn’t fix. There are water spots all over the car and the Einstein that I am finally figured out why (after 2 weeks of wondering): the sprinklers. Our sprinklers are broken and one of them turns 360 degrees every time they run. Which is a problem if (a) you have a 2 year old who thinks it’s funny to open the door every time she hears the sprinklers hit the front door, (b) you get home many times just as the sprinklers are turning on or (c) you have to park your car outside because the inside of your garage is full of crap. I mean treasures.

So this afternoon, the babies and I tried to wash the car.


As far as car washing soap goes, this was all we had.


Jamie, my trusty sidekick, filled the bucket up with soap and water.



And my other sidekick, Alice, helped too.



Hands applying the suds directly to the car? Very effective.


But not effective enough. The job was too much for us and no matter how hard those tiny hands scrubbed, the water spots remained. So instead of clean the car some more, we played in the suds.




A few soapy splashes never hurt anyone…



But after 10 minutes of a straight up sudsy mess, I called it quits and packed my soapy kids up in the car and headed to the car wash only to discover the wait was too long. It will have to wait for another day.

So take another look at the photos of Jamie. He looks happy, right? Energetic. Lively. Healthy. Well scratch that last part because an hour and 1/2 later, he crawled up in the nearest lap and pretty much fell asleep. I said, “Hmmm, he doesn’t look like he feels very well,” or something very close to that, and then I felt his head. A little bit hot, yeah, but nothing to get too worried about.

Except it’s Jamie. And when Jamie gets sick, he gets sick. The kind of sick that would normally have me in the urgent care or pediatrician’s office right away. The 103+ degree fever kind of sick. And I knew it was coming.

Fast forward 3 hours and Jamie has fallen asleep on the couch and looks miserable. Red and icky and hot. I feel him and he’s burning up. I go find the thermometer and take his temperature — and it reads it back in celsius!! Of course. I had to get online and type in “How to change a Braun thermometer from celsius to farenheit”….and it worked. What did it read? 102.9.

What a perfect start to Labor Day Weekend. A Labor Day weekend we were supposed to be spending up in Sandpoint at the cabin!! Jamie and I will have to stay behind if he isn’t any better….cross your fingers it’s just a 24 hour bug.


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