Breathe in, Breathe out

I catch a glimpse of this on my way to my room:


Something about this photo is so calming and peaceful.

I have 4 beautiful babies who are not only adorable, they are also sweet and kind and crazy polite. I have a husband who is the greatest. He is. He loves us more than anything and would do anything for us. I have a mom and a dad who let me know that I am loved and that I am important and tell me all the time in many different ways that I am doing a good job. I have a mother in law and a father in law who are the best. And I have a few really really great friends who I know I could go to for anything.

Thank you.

I’m lucky and I totally know it.

And it’s hard to just breathe sometimes and see all the really wonderful, great, beautiful things that I have when there are a few frustrations that try and take over. And writing this all out is a good way for me to visually see it instead of having to filter it all in my head.  But now I’ve gotten it out and stress is relieved.  Ahhhhhh.



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