How Do You…..get 4 kids ready and out the door?

I get asked this many times.

With school starting (today was Jamie’s first official day), I thought it might be a good post.

The night before school, I get all the kids’ clothes ready and set out in the living room. ALONG with shoes. Because there is nothing worse than having to go out the door and not being able to find shoes!


I also make lunches and stick them in the fridge.


I wake up at 7:00am and take a shower. Before I hop in, I wake up the kids and turn on Disney Junior for them. Little Einsteins is playing. I get out of the shower, dry off and get dressed then go and run the kids a bath.

They all bathe (with help from mama) and out they come. Quick in, quick out.


Hair is tangly and icky (especially Alice’s) so after they get dressed, I stick Alice up on the bathroom counter and brush out the tangles. This is not a fun job.


But after 5-10 minutes of that, it’s straight and smooth.


Maria and Jamie are great and just stand there while I brush their hair. They are always great.

I make them breakfast and they eat it while I finish getting ready.

[that is me sans makeup and finished hair. cute, huh? no.]

When I’m finished getting ready, the kids are done eating and we brush teeth. Then I feed Charlotte and dress her and through all of this, she is happy.


And luckily, I have 3 little helpers who, if she starts to fuss, will rush to help her.


And after the tv gets turned off, their lunches are grabbed, backpacks are on backs, we are out the door. It’s 8:12.

I set everything on the counter on the way out the door that I need for that morning. Diapers and wipes. School work. Keys. That kind of thing.


Maybe some apple-shaped rice krispy treats.


Today, we just had to take Jamie to school. Jamie, who got confused and thought we were going to Viking Camp.


Axes at school? Inappropriate.  Axes stuffed in your pants?  Double inappropriate.

We dropped him off at 8:30, homework in hand.


And then we went to Starbucks. This is my worst favorite time of the morning because I have 1/2 hour from the time I drop Jamie off to the time Mother’s Day Out starts. 30 minutes is not long enough to go home, but it’s too long to go to our next destination. So I facebook from my phone in my car and listen to the Catholic Channel. This is not a joke.

But finally 9:00 comes and the girls are out of the car and rushing down to the door.



Some days, Alice doesn’t want to go.


And after I leave MDO, I run errands. Today I went to my friend Leann’s house to visit baby Brennan and pick up some uber cute burp cloths she made me. Crafty friends are the best.

And then at 11:30, Charlotte and mama picked up Jamie.


Inside shoes off….outside shoes on.


Backpack off the hook…

[sorry, Nerissa, for stealing your hook.]

We met Lala for lunch and then Jamie went to MDO with the girls (his choice). At 2:00 I picked them all up, we went home, and I cleaned and picked up and vacuumed. At 3:15, Kara came over to watch the kids for me while I went to the ‘big school’ to help set up the back to school barbeque.

At 5:30, Kara brought them over.

And just when I thought the day had gone wonderfully and I had it all together and our family was on top of things, totally put together…..

…Jamie drops his pants and pees. In front of every school family. Outside on the playground.

Seriously, this happened. I am still so humiliated that my 4.5 year old thought that it would be totally okay to DROP HIS PANTS AND PEE outside in front of everyone.

This all lead to a very important talk about why that is not okay, and how it is NEVER okay, and that even if you have to go really really really bad, you still don’t go outside on the rocks on the playground. Ever.

And THAT, my friends, is how I get 4 kids ready and out the door.  And tomorrow, we will use the bathroom before every outing.  EVERY SINGLE outing.


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