New Rooms for the Kiddies

I’ve posted before about the room switch. The big kids were downstairs, but that didn’t work out very well so we moved them up. We’ve been called crazy to have 3 girls in one room (Jamie gets his own), but I don’t care. It works. And today we went to Costco and got a bunkbed for the girls.


When something comes in 3 different boxes, you know it will take the entire afternoon to put together. The bunk bed didn’t disappoint.


Lots and lots of screws. More than too many allen key screws. I hate those little tools. But we got it done.

The ladder is really a little staircase. Much safer than a ladder for my barely 2-year old and soon-to-be crawling and moving infant.


Their room looks so cute. At first I was worried that the bunk bed would be way too big. It is big, but really it looks okay. Now all we need is a matching bedding set for Alice and we’re set.


Jamie’s room got a little makeover, too. With Alice’s crib gone (yep, we got rid of it) there was room for his stuff. Instead of Alice in Wonderland decor, he got his trucks and Toy Story toys and dinosaurs and skateboards.



And a Cori Dantini print. (We still have to frame it…)


And what happens when you have tons of boxes full of stuff? You get this:


A giant mess. Easily vacuumable, but a mess.

It was a big afternoon, and we lost one kitten to a nap.


We made dinner, watched a little tv, and our Sunday was almost over. But luckily we (I) had time to enjoy one of the tiny delicious pies I made.

Leann gave me a giant bag of blueberries and my mom gave me a giant bag of blackberries, so I made blue/blackberry pies. Tiny-sized.



Just took some of the berries, some flour, some sugar, some cinnamon…mixed it together…(there might have been a couple other ingredients)…and put it into pie-crust filled mini muffin tins. 2 bite pies. With a little whipped cream? Perfect.


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