Hot August Nights


Jamie’s waving that yellow flag and when there are flags waving, that signals a party. Or a surrender…but in this case, it’s a party.

Every August, the valley has a weekend called “Hot August Nights.” It’s actually, I think, just the name of the concerts and the car show that is put on by the radio station, but it’s become such a big deal that if you say, “Is that during Hot August Nights?” everyone in the valley will know what you’re talking about. And every Hot August Nights there is a skateboard competition. Or, as we say in the biz, a skate comp. I’m not really sure if that’s what the biz calls it, but that’s what I call it.

This year was no different — there was a skate comp.


The first Hot August Nights skate comp I worked at, I was 16. I didn’t have an important part, but they caught on that I was good at math, so I was in charge of adding up all the scores. Sweet. I had been dating Danny for 2 months and was totally a skater group. Read: I hung out at the skatepark every night I could, wore skate shirts and jeans, and thought I was really badass. So on this 10 year skate comp anniversary between the skateboarding world and me, we had the skate comp at the new park. And we did things a little differently. Instead of 1 big competition, we had little ones throughout the evening/night to give more people a chance to win prizes. We kinda threw this together last minute, so the prizes weren’t the best — cases of Mt. Dew, stickers, Simpsons DVDs (I’m serious), and Kronik. But it was fun.

Kris BBQ’d burgers and hot dogs on the giant grill


…and we sold ’em for $3 each. They got a bag of chips, too, so chill out.

There were drinks. $1 each. $2 for Kronik.


Charlotte was the best baby during the whole thing. It was hotter than you-know-what but she only fussed a bit. Hardly at all.


She’s a spoiled baby and got held by everyone.


When you run the skate comp, you get to eat burgers whenever you want.


See his tattoo? It says, “Ruth.” I once said something like, “Ooooh, nice, now you’re stuck with me.” And he responded with something like, “It’ll be easy to change it to “Truth” if I have to.”

And will someone please steal that tank top from Dan and burn it?

There were tons of ollies and boardslides and kickflips and 360s.


I’m actually not sure if there were all those things. I just started naming every trick I could think of. But there was a pinata. Yes, a pinata. Because little kids need something to do, too!


This was the best part:




It was hilarious watching Jamie. After he went, we decided maybe blindfolded wasnt the best. The girl who was up next hit the pinata just right and the top popped off, but didn’t break — so Kris took it to the top of the levy and threw it down to the kids.


The kids scrambled to get the candy. And Jamie thought he loved it and threw a few pieces back.


But then later remembered he doesn’t like candy and spit it out. Gross.

We all had fun.


[He’s trying to look cool. Little does he know that it’s impossible to be cool with ketchup smeared all over your chin.]

My babies are so good. All 4 of them. They played and played and played. And when it was time to go home and get in bed, they were okay with it and marched to bed. Even Alice, who said, “Night night, Mama. I luh you,” and pulled her tiny blanket up under her chin and rolled over to sleep. Awwww, melt my heart.


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