Friday Favorites on a Very Late Saturday Night

I knew I would forget. I knew the second that I posted my awesome “Friday Favorites” idea that I would forget to do it the next Friday. Friday came and went and so did most of Saturday until I was cooking burgers and hot dogs down at the skatepark and all of a sudden I thought, “Oh $#%^ [sometimes I use inappropriate words in my head] I forgot to post Friday Favorites!”

But it’s after midnight on Saturday night (well, really Sunday morning) and here I am.

#1) Sunshine Kids Radian 65 carseat.


I love this carseat and we have 3 of them. I love a few things about it. First, it is a 5-point harness that works on children who weigh as little as 5 lbs and as much as 65. Second, they are super slim and you can fit 3 across in any vehicle successfully and without a lot of tugging and pushing and pulling. Finally, they look really uniform and organized. I like organized. I’m sorry to those of you who have the pink floral carseats or the winnie-the-pooh carseat covers, but I just can’t do it. My infant baby girl also has a completely black carseat if that says anything.

#2) Bla Bla Dolls


I love these stuffed “animals.” My kids have several and I just love them. My very favorite is the mermaid that Maria has and my second favorite(s) is a tie between Jamie’s fox and Charlotte’s teeny tiny elephant rattle. They are super cute and I don’t mind them as decoration on the kids’ beds. Cute Cute.

#3) Hawaii


We are (hopefully) going to Hawaii in March so it’s been on my mind a lot lately — because trips to Hawaii for a family of 6 are not cheap. We’ve been saving and making certain choices with Hawaii in mind (example: Danny is selling his motorcycle that he has ridden 3 times in the last 5 months and that will pay for our plane tickets. Perfect 🙂 )

#4) Cori Dantini Art


I love Cori’s art. The girls’ room has 2 of her prints, our dining room has 2 and our entry has 1. We have also given one as a wedding gift. Love love love.

#5) True Blood


Yep, vampires. Last week I wrote about HBO’s “Rome” series. This is another HBO series, so there is a lot of bad language and bad things, but it’s good.  Okay, so the acting isn’t great.  But something about vampires and werewolves and witches draws me in.  And Dan likes it too.  And I’m sure that has nothing to do with the main character being a very attractive cute girl.  😉  (wink face tells you i’m joking but only kind of)

#6) Edamame


I didn’t used to like edamame but I’ve recently become a big fan. I’m not a meat eater (I do eat meat sometimes, but not often enough) and my protein levels are low, but I’ve discovered that edamame gives me that and steamed (the bags from Costco) and tossed with a little olive oil + seasoning salt, they are a delicious treat.

There are my Friday Favorites delivered a couple days late. Get used to it, because I see this becoming a very regular thing.


1 thought on “Friday Favorites on a Very Late Saturday Night

  1. Shayla Holcomb

    I just love your blog you make me laugh daily and are constantly amazing me in all you do! :0)
    I also just wanted to share I also really love Cori Dantini’s, work Gracelyn has a big OWL print in her room, she is so creative and I have yet to see a piece I wouldn’t buy! Cheers to tomorrow be
    Friday and a three day weekend, see ya next tuesday! Shayla


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