First Day of School

Today was Jamie’s first day of school.

Well, it was a practice day. But any day that you wake up early, get dressed, get your backpack all packed and go hang out with your teachers and friends is a school day to us.

And Jamie was ready.


With a backpack twice his size and his hair gelled up, he was excited and ready.




“Jamie, what are you doing?”

“I’m watching a movie.”

And in the middle of talking about how we act at school (no interrupting Ms. Megan or Ms. Dani, always saying please and thank you and remembering to always wash our hands after the bathroom, even if we don’t think we got potty on them — always confusion to Jamie) the kids got sidetracked.


But we all got loaded up at 8:15 and headed off to take Jamie to school. Maria was so excited for him and kept giving him pointers and tips and words of encouragement. I’m not sure Jamie could have a better big sister. She really is the best.

We got to school and Jamie immediately sat down and started taking off his outdoor shoes…



…and replaced them with his indoor shoes.


After hanging his backpack on his hook and greeting Ms. Megan, he sat down quietly with the other kids — his new friends — and listened to a story before school started.



He’ll be just fine.




In other news, Charlotte is still the most beautiful baby ever.



And will remain such until Patrick, Cenone, Josh or Caitlin has a baby at which point she will no longer be the baby, she will just be the most beautiful ____ year old. Just like her sisters and brother.



Yep, I totally brag about my kids which is okay because this is my blog.


And yep, I totally know how lucky I am, too.


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