The Kids Visit the Dentist

School starts next week and that means this week is full of appointments.

Jamie had a hair appointment and so did Maria. (Alice refuses. And I let 2 year olds rule my world, okay?).

Today’s appointment was with the dentist and the kids were stoked.


They ran to the door and when they got inside, they played and watched TV. This dentist office rocks.




And then they called the kids back.

[how old does she look? Make it stop!]

Jamie had to get x-rays so I caught him in between x-ray rooms.


I heard him ask the dental hygienist, “What is this?” in his adorably high voice. She replied, “OH! That’s a button that we do NOT want to press.” He’s curious, what can I say?

Dr. Wiggins checked out Maria first.


Wonderfully clean. No cavities. But her mouth is tiny and I’m afraid later down the road she will need teeth pulled. Ugh. But today? Sent home with a perfect report and a new tooth brush.

Jamie was second.


Again. Perfect teeth. A little mineral (?) staining, but he assured me that it had NOTHING to do with decay and that some kids just get it and it’s no big deal.

Alice was third. This picture was the best one out of all the ones I took, so you can imagine just how wonderful that 3 minutes went…


I’m not sure what’s on her chin and yes, she was screaming. Ahhhhh what a sweetheart. 🙂 No, but really she did alright. She’s two and doesn’t like people’s fingers in her mouth. So considering all of that, she did just fine.  And afterwards, she sucked her thumb like it was going out of style, just to show Dr. Wiggins who was in charge of her teeth.

Charlotte? Same old. She just hung out being the happy baby she is.


Finally it was time. We had waited 5 days for this.


The treasure chest. LOVE the treasure chest.


And by 10:15 am, I had three very adorable kids with sparkley clean teeth.

[I just love them. Ah, so cute.]

And we wouldn’t mind if Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Frohawk decided to maybe open up shop in Lewiston or Clarkston or we would even travel to Moscow or Pullman….


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