The Little Things

Like this:


A perfect little wave curl on the top of Miss Charlotte’s head.

And this:


How Jamie chooses to lie 6 inches from his baby sister in the morning to watch TV. When the entire living room is wide open.  (and her uncle(s) totally rock).

Sometimes I forget to just take a deep breath and sit back and enjoy all the little things that make up my life. Especially the 4 little things. They are wonderful. It’s hard to just stop and remember that when there are things like energy bills and school tuition to pay. Violin at 5:00 and a meeting at 6.

I get stressed out. Surprise! No, but really I get stressed out. I am obsessed (I do not use that word lightly) over things that might be wrong with me. I have a hard time just living and instead I worry about what others might think if I do this or if I do that. I get frustrated when I figure out people are mad at me or don’t like me for no reason whatsoever (really! Why waste your energy not liking someone for no reason?!). I think things over way too intensely. It’s hard being a mom, and that is stressful. And sometimes I forget that this is what matters most:


itty bitty painted toenails.


A perfect baby sucking her thumb.

Catching Maria hug Alice when Alice trips over the parade of Barbies in the hall. I think that’s my favorite (Maria is such a good girl).


Impossibly tiny ears that hear a thousand “I love you”‘s throughout the day.

Watching Alice steal kisses from Charlotte.


An out-of-necessity mohawk. Her bald spots leave us no other option. But that’s okay. She’s still just as sweet.


And today was stressful to me.  It’s only 3:00 and I feel like we’ve been awake and having a hard time figuring each other out for at least 12 hours already.  But it’s rest time.  Time to play and time to blog.

And it’s perfect, because sitting here at the computer, I am overhearing Alice playing Calico Critters.  The mama bunny is saying to the child bunny, “I love you.”

So I guess I’m doing some things right.


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