Friday Favorites

Wouldn’t it be fun if every Friday I did a “Friday Favorites” post?  Yeah, it would be.  But since I will probably forget about this awesome idea in 2 days, this might just be a one-time deal.

But it’ll be fun for today, right?

Humor me.

This week, I used and did some of my favorite things.

Canus Lil Goat’s Milk lotion


I couldnt’ find a picture of the lotion, which is what I use, but this will at least let you know what the label looks like if you ever want to find it. 2nd only to Mustela (my all-time favorite), this is the best smelling baby’s lotion you will find. It isn’t too fragrant, but is a really clean, sweet scent. Love it.



My Aunt Shari gave me a Nordy’s gift card as a thank you for taking my cousin Ryan’s senior pictures. I did get something for myself (which I will post below in a couple) but I also couldn’t resist getting my babies each a pair of TOMS. Jamie got a pair of grey ones and Maria got a pair of pink sparkle ones. Ah, they are awesome. Alice already has a pair and Charlotte doesn’t wear shoes. 🙂

Propel Water


I just love it.

Sycamore Street Grill (Or SSG as Cenone and I text to each other…surprisingly often actually)


If you live in the valley, eat here. Start with Shrimp Crostini and a bottle of M100. Order either mushroom fettuccini or one of their features (last night I had rock fish which was delicious) and get a salad with balsamic and bleu cheese crumbles. If you are extremely lucky, they will have croissant bread pudding for dessert. Order 2 orders for yourself, and take the extra home with you for breakfast the next morning. You might gain 10 lbs just looking at it, but it is so deliciously worth it.

Stearn’s Puddle Jumper life vest


Jamie probably could swim if he really put his heart into it, but he chooses not to. Alice sinks like a rock. Thank goodness for these. They are super comfortable and don’t automatically flip your child on their back if they’d rather swim upright (ya know how lots of life jackets flip the kids on their backs and it’s almost impossible for them to swim normally? So annoying. And arm floaties really aren’t as safe as you’d think they are..). These are coast guard approved and run anywhere from $17 – $25 depending on where you buy them.


rome hbo

HBO rocks. I love it. True Blood? The best. Curb Your Enthusiasm (I’m going to be honest, I can’t remember if this is HBO or Showtime) is hilarious. Danny and I recently discovered the series “Rome” and it is so good. It’s about Rome in the time of Julius Caesar and while you don’t have to be a history buff or love history to enjoy the series, it makes it a little more fun to kind of recognize the names of people. Yes, there is a lot of bad language and some scenes are particularly inappropriate, but whatever.

Skip Hop lunch bags


How cute is that? These are my favorite lunch bags. There is a little pocket inside for an ice pack and plenty of room for yummy lunch. It’s also a breeze to clean out. Lunch bags are kind of things I collect…not in a hobby kind of way (I don’t have vintage lunch boxes displayed) but in an obsessed mom-thing kind of way. I love ’em. And when they come in adorable animals (we have the bee, kitty cat, fox, and owl) your kids look so cute carrying them.

HOBO clutch


This is what I bought for myself using the Nordy’s gift card. Isn’t it pretty? I’m not a purse girl. I don’t like carrying a purse around and if I know I’m just going a couple places, I’ll usually just stick my debit card in my pocket (which is probably how I lose it 3 times at least a month). This clutch is cute and small and really super thin. I can stick it in with Charlotte and she doesn’t mind or even notice at all. Love it.

And since I know you all want to be just like me and have your kids be just like my kids (joking), go check these things out.  You won’t be disappointed.  And if you are…well..I’m not sure what to say about that.


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