Polly Pocket

A new tiny little person was introduced to my kids today.


Polly. Polly Pocket.



A thousand tiny pieces of Polly’s world were strewn about my living room floor.

While tiny little hands played with them.




Polly doesn’t know the crazy days that are in store for her here. She might get eaten by a baby. Or a dog. Or, I’m not gonna lie, even maybe a toddler. She will probably get packed around to playschools and big schools and might get dropped in pudding or sucked on and most definitely she will be stepped on. But today? Today she just laid around.


The girls had a great time with all the houses and tiny people.

Lots of 2 year olds wouldn’t have the patience for Polly Pocket. You might be surprised to hear that Alice does. She loved it. She took her time making those itty bitty legs bend so they could sit in teeny tiny chairs at little tables.


Even Jamie loved them.


And for 2 hours this afternoon, my kids were content to play with Polly and her friends.


They got Polly from Megan. It was kind of a sad day today for us. Patrick and his girlfriend Megan are moving to Monterey tomorrow to go to school. Pat is going to MIIS and tomorrow they are starting their trek from the valley to Cali (I’m sticking with Cali cuz it rhymes). We will miss them. When Pat came back to the valley after he first started grad school down there, I was secretly really happy. Maybe not so secretly. We’re pretty good friends, Pat and me. He and Danny are friends, too. So when he hangs out with us, it’s fun and we laugh at each others jokes every time (probably because we’re freaking hilarious). He helps with the kids like crazy and they just adore him. So the thought of him moving somewhere like California makes us sad. All of us.

Oh, and Megan is really really great, too. We like her. We like her even more now that she gave us Polly Pocket and friends.  Which was hard, because we liked her a lot before the gift was given.

But anyway, Pat was leaving tonight and the kids were just kinda like, “see ya.” Not really getting that we wouldn’t see him for a few months. For us, a few months is, like, forever because we’re used to seeing them every day. So I told them, “No, you better go give him a hug and kiss because we won’t see him for a long time. He’s moving to California. We’ll see him in October.” Wow….Alice burst into tears. If I was the crying type, I might cry just because of how sad Alice was.

But there is good news. We will see them in October. We’re hoping they drive down and meet us in Disneyland for a night. Who doesn’t love Mickey?

And on a completely unrelated note:


Scout is huge. He got weighed today. 93 lbs. 93. We were told that maybe he shouldn’t eat quite so much. And that he needed a bath.

The End.


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