Garden Soup

Someday, I would really love to live on a farm.  I would love to have a HUGE vegetable garden with rows of carrots and beans and baby red potatoes and beets (which I have grown to love thanks to Cenone and Andy) and onions and squash.  I would love to wake the kids up and have them quickly go and gather up eggs before coming back in to take baths before school.

I would be totally grossed out but would love to use the line, “We’re slaughtering the cows next week, do you want some meat?”  (Because seriously, who wouldn’t love to use that line?)  The kids could have lambs for 4H and we would have endless photo backdrop options.  Photos in the beans?  Yes.  Oh, standing up against the horse’s fence line?  Perfect.

Someday, we will live on a farm.  And it will be awesome.  But until then, we will borrow our produce (not borrow because we aren’t giving it back…taking our produce I guess I mean) from our friends.

Browne family-1

Thank you Mom and Dad for the garden-fresh carrots and Cenone for picking the Zucchini and giving us corn.  Because they live on a farm (see this). And Albertsons for everything else. Albertson’s has really nice rows of food.

How fake does this corn look?!

Browne family-2

And those carrots are so fresh they still have dirt on them:

Browne family-3

With our delicious veggies and other ingredients, we made garden soup. Which turned out to be more of a risotto type product. Kind of. But it was actually really good.

We chopped up the veggies like so:

Browne family-6

All of them into quarter-size pieces.


I also cut the corn off the cob. Messy job. Do it in a bowl.

We browned some hamburger in a pot with a little olive oil, drained the fat, then added the veggies. After those cooked for a bit, we added a couple things of chicken broth and water until it was all covered.   Then, we added that can of whole tomatoes plus the sauce it was in.  We brought it to a boil and then added some rice. This is why it became a lot like risotto. We added several cups of rice. By the time I got to eat it (I had to leave for a photo session before it was ready) the liquid had pretty much all been soaked up by the rice. Mmmmm it was so good. Danny also added lots of salt and pepper along with some other spices like cayenne pepper, paprika, and other randoms. But I highly recommend garden soup when you don’t want to go to the store for dinner ingredients and when you just wanna shop at your parents’ and friends’ houses.


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