Dress Up and Being 14 Weeks Old

August is a sad month. It’s freaking hot, for one. Even just going outside to take the garbage out is too long to be out (total exaggeration). Secondly, walking into Wal-Mart or Staples or Kmart and seeing all their back to school things out is depressing. Just give us one solid month. One more. But no…they give us 3 weeks. Whoever “they” are. They suck.

Another thing….Costco has their Halloween stuff out. In August.

But one good thing comes from that. Dress up. We got our Costco rebate check in the mail and we (I) used a good chunk on Halloween costumes for the kids to use as dressup.


I got them while they were at Mother’s Day Out, so when I went to pick them up, I told them there was a surprise waiting for them at home.

Maria said, “Is it a new DVD?” (my kids don’t watch very much television…)

Jamie yelled, “No, Maria, I bet it’s something even more better than that.”

They walked in and saw the costumes laid out on the couch (because presentation is everything in my book) begging to be ripped open and tried on immediately. Which they were.

A tiny sized Cinderella? Yes please.

A “less inappropriate than the last mermaid costume I purchased?” Duh. She’s an awesome mermaid.

[the sleeves make it way less skanky. yes, i’m using the word skanky when referring to dress up.]

Gloves. Have to have gloves.


And the grand finale. Because anyone who knows Jamie will laugh so hard when they see this…


Ahhhh, I’m laughing so hard as I’m writing this. He looked awesome. Oops, excuse me. Fabulous. Because, according to Jamie, “Fabulous means really really good.” He totally looks fabulous.

And while the kids played dressup, the tiny peanut watched.


She’s 14 weeks old today, you know. 14. That’s more than 3 months. Which is almost not even an infant anymore. Tear.


But her toes are still tiny.


And her smiles are still crazy cute.

And her thighs?


Perfectly accentuated by ruffle bloomers. Love ’em.

And out of the corner of her eye, she spots it…


…the big sister coming in for the kill. She attacks her with kisses.



And Charlotte loves it.


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