Jamie the Swift

Jamie’s 1/2 birthday was June 28th, and while we don’t celebrate it, my creative mind does a little dance because I know that after that 1/2 birthday, I can start thinking of ideas for the next birthday party.  Our 1/2 birthdays are as follows:

September 21

June 28th

November 3

November 6

October 3

June 22nd

Yes, those are completely out of order and even though it would take less time to just fix it rather than type out this explanation as to why I’m not, I’m going to leave it.  It’s in the kids’ birth orders and then mine and Danny’s.  Whatever.

So anyway, back to the closest birthday we have to plan, which is Jamie’s.  Since his birthday is over Christmas break, I like to do his party before Christmas, usually the week before when kids are still in town, craziness hasn’t quite settled in and kids are so excited for Santa to come that going to a birthday party will quench that Santa thirst just a little bit.

I love my kids’ birthday parties.  I plan them months in advance (obviously) and choose a theme and everything is centered around that theme.  Fairy party?  Why not do fairy food like magical trail mix and beautifully picked berries.  Dinosaur party?  The favors just have to be homemade dino eggs with prizes inside.  It’s how we do it at the Prasil house and while it might be a bit over the top and not every parent likes getting a goody bag for their kid, I don’t even care a little bit.  It’s what we do and our kids love it.

Jamie’s 5 year old party is going to be superhero themed.  Jamie likes to be called “Pablo the Swift” and runs around like a hellion, so Jamie the Swift it is.  I’m so excited for this party I can hardly stand it.  Red, Blue, Yellow and Red will be the main colors.  Invites will be spectacular — “Pow” “Bam” “Pop” — old school comic book style.  Capes and masks will be favors of course, with the party-goer’s initials on the back.  Photos will be taken and food will be awesome.  So stay tuned….



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