I’m a little competitive. I actually just like to win stuff.

If there is a possibility of winning things like a backyard makeover, an iPad2, a boat, $20,000 or free groceries for a year, I am going to try and win them. Even if it means neglecting the children for 30 minutes so I can do this:




It’s the Albertson’s sizzlin’ summer game. If you happen to shop at Safeway or something and haven’t heard about it, you get game pieces for each item you buy that is specially marked for this game. Then there are 3 stamps in each game piece and you match them up on your game board and hopefully win some good stuff. I have yet to see amazing, lucky results.

I got to the point where I only have a few spots open, usually just 1 or 2 are missing for each prize. And since it takes forever to search for the missing piece, I just went through and marked down what I need so it goes really quickly.


Apparently Clarkston Albertson’s didn’t get the really good game pieces because I cannot tell you how many c107’s I’ve opened. I don’t need c107.

I have won a few things though:


I’ve opened up a total of 7 instant winners where I get a free donut. Actually, Jamie and Alice get the free donuts, because they love ’em.

And why did I waste an entire post about the Sizzlin’ Summer game at Albertson’s? Because I feel a little dirty. I feel kind of like those women on “Extreme Couponing” on TLC who spend hours and hours scouring the internet and dumpster diving and bugging their friends for coupons. I have gone so far, myself, as to ask my mom’s friend Patti (well, she’s my friend too, but mostly my mom’s) if she will keep the tiny red squares for me. Even Megan has saved a few.  I found a couple in my dad’s truck and I swiped them. These things are obnoxious. The checkout people at Albertson’s will ask (rather loudly) “So are you playing our game?” and I quietly answer, “Yes…..and it’s double days, right?” just so I don’t get cheated out of any pieces.

It’s a guilty pleasure of mine. One that if I share about it, I feel a little better about being obsessed over them.

My other obsession? Box Tops. That’s another post.


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