The Going Away Party

Patrick and Megan are moving to Monterey, so last night we had a little going away bbq for them.

But really it wasn’t a bbq because absolutely nothing was bbq’d. But it was a party. And there was food.

Mini multi-layered dip.  With a creepy background smiler.

pin party-2
[yep, my nail polish looks pretty rad, I’m aware.]

Nutella and marshmallow pastry puffs. Oooooh delicious.
pin party-3

Heart-shaped pop tarts.
pin party-4

A very serious (he’s got his party game-face on) Danny with brie and apple quesadillas.
pin party-6

pin party-9

There were also meatballs, goat cheese/grape bites, cookie dough dip with cookies, veggie cups, chips and salsa, ginger/wasabi dip, tiny potatoes and watermelon with balsamic and feta. And beer.

It was a lot of fun and lots of Pat and Megan’s friends came — and I”m horribly jealous (don’t worry, only in the good way….ya know, the good kinda jealous…there is a good kind, right?) that in a short couple of weeks they will see the ocean. But I’m scheming a little ocean trip of my own, so fear not.

Because I know you were.


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