Charlotte Clayton is 3 months old.

She’s 3 months old.

That’s crazy talk. But true. It’s been 3 months since we brought Charlotte Clayton home from the hospital.



I’m still just in love with her. (But if i wasn’t, would I ever admit that?? No. But don’t worry, I really am.)


I think a standard question to ask a new mom is, “Is she always this good?” even if the baby you are holding isn’t really being a ‘good baby.’ Well when people ask me that, I say truthfully, “Yes. She is the best baby, just like her brother and sisters were.”


She is so easy going and rarely cries or fusses. She is mellow and happy and quiet. Like this guy (who some of us call daddy):


She is so beautiful…


…even when she cries.

People ask me these questions on a weekly basis:

– Did your other kids have that much hair? [yep. hairy monkey babies.]

– What nationality is your husband (or some variation on this. Like, “What’s the daddy?”)? This is not a joke. I swear that at least every week and 1/2 I get asked this. [He is not Italian or Mexican or Native American.]

– What’s her middle name? Oh, is that a family name? [Clayton. Yep. <3]

Charlotte is just really, really great. I cannot imagine life without her and when I am nursing her or rocking her or just laying next to her in the morning, I can’t possibly think I could get any luckier. And then the other 3 babies and Danny join us and I realize that I really am the luckiest mama in the world.


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