Ferb and Eating Healthy.

I am so excited for Jamie this fall. Starting the end of this month (ah, it’s already August!) he is going to be attending Children’s House Montessori, run by my friend Megan. Oooooh I am so excited for so many reasons. One, I know Megan will do a fantastic job — she is smart and fun and knows what she’s doing! Two, I think Montessori learning (is that how you would say that??) is just what Jamie needs and is a really good fit for him. He’s so excited, too.

But I’m nervous for only one reason.


That, my friends, is a sample calendar for snack days. Gone are the days of bringing fruit snacks and goldfish crackers. No more cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Oreos and milk? Not a chance.

I welcome this change. And I’m so very, very scared. Why? Oh, probably because up to this point, I have had really really good intentions, but have never followed through with them. For lunch, my kids eat PB and J or chicken nuggets, and lots of times, it’s a quick trip through Mickey D’s. I have had to lie at the doctor’s office when they ask how many servings of veggies Jamie gets. “Jamie? Oh, at least 3. At least.” Lie. A big fat one.

I might be a little too hard on myself. When I pack a lunch for them for school, I actually do always include a veggie (like carrot sticks) and fruit (like raspberries or a banana) and I make sure there is protein (like deli meat or, gasp, chicken nuggets). But I’m pretty sure they never eat the good stuff. They just eat the good stuff. If you catch my drift.

But I’m going to turn that all around. And what better way than with Pinterest? I found Ferb and Phinneus on Pinterest in sandwich form and totally copied them:



So the mouths might be off a little and the edges are pretty sketchy, but they are pretty good, right? Jamie thought so.


Until he learned it was healthy and that I expected him to at least try a bite of everything, even if he didn’t want to finish it or eat it (nothing worse than forcing kids to eat!).


[NOT a happy camper]

But this little eater loved it. Surprise.



Maria liked hers okay, but Jamie was a hungry boy.

If he wants to enjoy school snacks, he better jump on the healthy lunch train so there aren’t huge surprises at school.  Huge, healthy surprises.

And Charlotte? Well she just watched it all.



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