A Few of My Favorite Things: Newborn Edition

After 4 babies, I know what things are awesome and what things are crappy.

I know what products are totally pointless and what products are life savers.

I know what’s cute and what’s not. Trust me.


Nose Frida. It’s a totally freaky, weird product that works like nothing you’ve ever tried before. Ya know those green (or sometimes white) nose and snot suckers that they give you at the hospital that you use every single day when your baby is new? Or maybe you don’t use it every day and it’s just me, but I know that you use it often. Well they suck — not in the way it’s supposed to. I hate them. It never gets all the snot, they’re impossible to clean and they don’t fit in little bags easily (which will come later). Nose Frida is awesome. You suck the snot out. Seriously. And it comes apart to clean completely. Love it.


I know I’m not the only one who has noticed that it’s hard to find baby socks that actually stay on those kicky little feet. It’s actually not hard to find them, just go to gap.com. They are there. The kind with the little band around the ankle. They stay on, I swear.


Johnson and Johnson or Baby Magic shampoo is nice. It smells like a baby, yum. But Mustela? Ooooooh it is wonderful. It’s more than nice. It’s a step above smelling like a baby. And who doesn’t want their baby to smell even better than a baby? It’s kinda spendy, but totally worth it. And if you really want to splurge (you do.  Trust me, you do) then buy the Mustela brand wipes. You will want to change your baby’s diaper every time.


The best double stroller ever. Enough said.


I love Mini Boden. If I could include every one of their items here, I would, but it would just take too long. But these onesies are the best. First of all, they are cute. I put Charlotte in one of these, add a flower headband and voila. She’s ready for the day.  Second of all, they aren’t flimsy and cheap. After washing them over and over, they hold up (just like all of Boden’s clothes). Also kind of spendy, but also worth it.  You’ll use them with any other babies you might have or you can pass them on to friends.


Adin and Anais blankets. LOVE. Any mama who has a baby age newborn – 3 should have a stack of these ready to grab in the spring and summer. They are muslin blankets, so they are really light and thin and breathable. Read: perfect for spring and summer. I use one every single day for Charlotte whether it’s to drape over her carseat when we’re out and about, to cover myself when I nurse (except at the aquatic center.  I don’t cover up there.  Ever.), or to put over her if we’re in a chilly restaurant or something. They are huge and perfect for swaddling, too. Anyone in the market for a baby shower gift? Get a pack of these from Target. Best ever.




I’m just going to admit this: I am a diaper bag snob. I’m not proud to admit that and I’m not a nice person for saying this, but I really dislike diaper bags that look like huge diaper bags. You know, the black weird-fabric ones with 10 million pockets on the outside and a hundred things hanging out of them. I’m sorry if you are one of those moms who carry those and I have just offended you. But I really don’t understand why anyone would be going someplace for such a long period of time that you need to pack your child’s entire room into a bag. A few diapers, a case of wipes, a change of clothes and a couple toys. You’re good. If your baby needs bottles, stick one in there, too. You don’t need a suitcase for all that stuff.

My mother-in-law Cheri is wonderful and she has purchased a diaper bag for me for each baby and they have all been awesome. Exactly what I love! My very favorite brand is Petunia Pickle Bottom. The top one is the “Wistful Weekender” which is the bag I pack if we are going out of town. It’s huge. But it’s also really super cute. I can pack ALL of Charlotte’s clothes and necessities for a weekend away in that sucker. The second one is my everyday diaper bag. It holds enough diapers for both Charlotte and Alice along with wipes, a snack for my big kids, a change of clothes for Charlotte, a blanket (Adin and Anais, duh), the Nose Frida, and some nursing pads (I leak milk like you wouldn’t believe. Totally TMI.) and a burp cloth. And it’s not huge and obnoxious. Perfect size and perfectly adorable. But the last one is my favorite. It’s my diaper “clutch.” It’s what I take when we go out to dinner or if we’re just running out for a couple hours. It holds maybe 3 diapers and a pack of wipes (all the PPB bags come with a wipe case), my wallet, the Nose Frida and a change of clothes for Charlotte. Perfect. The best part is that I got it for a steal…I love that.


One thought on “A Few of My Favorite Things: Newborn Edition

  1. Juey

    Thanks for this post, Ruthie – I was going to send you another email that started with “So I have more baby questions…” and ask about the socks, Nose Frida (it was recommended to us) and adan + anais swaddling blankets! This means I can send one more email with not-so-smart baby questions 🙂


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