Sunday Funday — because corny post titles that rhyme, also rock.

Yesterday was Sunday and we wanted to go out on the river.

So we did.


It was hot. This summer came really late this year. It felt like it was cold — actually cold — well into summertime. Only recently have we had the kind of days where you walk outside and sigh, “Geez, it’s so hot.

And that’s weird for the valley. Our lawn has never looked so good in July (not that it looks really good, it’s just more green than usual), I’ve never had to keep the sweatshirts readily available in the closets for chilly summer evenings, and we’ve never waited until the end of July to go upriver. But there is a first for everything.

We left the house at 9:15am, the kids and I. We went to Starbucks (duh) and Albertson’s for some fried chicken and bbq sausages for beach food. Then we drove out to Hellsgate and met Danny and Cenone. And we loaded everything (and everyone) up.

Alice loved the boat ride.



We told Jamie to hold on to his shorts, and that literal little boy did just that.

[Yep. Pink. Get over it.]

Charlotte held on, too.

And then we arrived at Red Bird.


The kids were really good. They played and splashed and jumped and ran and ate and drank and when it was time to go, they loaded themselves up. Even Charlotte behaved herself.

[don’t worry, i loaded her up with sunscreen.]


We had to leave kinda early (1:45) because Maria had to get back in time for Maddi’s birthday party. We were a little late and missing a flip flop, but we got there.

And thanks to Cenone, who is always willing to help. Really, though, having 4 kids is really easy when you have family (and really, Cenone is pretty much family) who helps. And not just stand there and watch the kids. I mean change diapers, scold, hold hands, haul bags and towels, and keep them happy.

[he might not show it, but he loves her.]

And today (Monday), we rest.


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