Extreme Yard Salers

We’re not really extreme yard salers, but I think I would love a television show, maybe on TLC, called “Extreme Yard Salers.” Actually, I know I would love it.

This weekend we had a yard sale. Cenone and I wanted to make a little cash so we went through all our stuff (our separate things. Cenone and I don’t own a pile of stuff together, just to clear up any confusion) and got enough together to have a sale. We also may have asked our parents for some of their ‘junk’ too.

But if you think all we had was junk, you’d be wrong. You’d be so wrong. Because not only was this a yard sale, it was also a produce sale.


Run by…..(who do you think?)



And you had to have had a cold, dead heart not to buy veggies from her. Especially when her sign looked like this:


You might be surprised to hear that several yard salers did in fact have cold, dead hearts. Thank you Lainey, Joey, Barb, Marci, Cheri, Crystal and Lala for purchasing either veggies or lemonade from Maria. All of you other yard salers who went thirsty and hungry, it was your own fault. And you might look at that sign and say, “Wow. $.25 for 6 bens is a lot. And $1 per zookene? Highway robbery.” But no. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill veggies. Ohhhhhh, no. These came from Andy’s garden. Yes, that Andy. The one who gets a mention in the blog at least once a month. Yep, Cenone’s boyfriend Andy who buys the kids gifts and lets them sell his veggies.

He just helped Maria buy a “Bippity Boppity Boutique” makeup and hair session in Disneyland.


The kids hung out and were troopers during the yard sale. Probably because they got to watch TV all morning and eat doughnuts but I don’t even care. They were good for the most part, and sometimes even helped.


I think that cute little face may have helped seal the deal on a few sales. She’s decided the pink boots are hers. 3 sizes too big, but it doesn’t stop her.


I had a TON of kids clothes.


Boys and girls clothes. Infant – 5T. I advertised on Facebook and told all my friends (and by friends, I mean Facebook friends.) to come and check it out before the sale actually started. A sneak peek if you will. It was awesome. I made over 1/2 of my money by doing that. And more than 1/2 my kids’ clothes were purchased before the sale had even started.

I’m glad, because I don’t think I would have been able to sit there during the sale and watch people not buy my kids’ clothes. Ya know when you are giving away your kids’ clothes or selling them and you just cannot believe that someone won’t pay $1 for the really adorable onesie or hat or booties? Yep, that’s what I say all day long during yard sales.

Really, $2 was too much for those silver sparkle shoes??


And don’t even try and tell me there are no Laguna Beach lovers anymore….


And honestly, all those mug collectors out there missed out big time.


I guarantee that your mug collection is missing a blue polka dot mug with a pig on the side.

And don’t even get me started on the cute clothes Cenone had. Like…perfect condition. There was this really cute navy tunic with white on it that I wanted to buy and save for when I wear that size S again. [that day will come.  Oh yes, it will come.]


And Andy had about 10 shirts…


And there is a size L man/boy out there missing out on the perfect condition Banana Republic and Tommy and Gap shirts.

But it’s okay, we were happy with our sales.

And I told the kids to go through their toys and pick some things they might want to sell. Any money they made is money they could use to buy fun things in Disneyland. They looked for about an hour the other day in the basement and they came upstairs with:

– a hardcover book with a “happy birthday” note written inside
– a pink care bear that was mine when I was little


– 2 McDonald’s toys.

Needless to say, they did not make any money on any toys they wanted to sell. In fact, they made negative money (aside from the veggies and lemonade) because Jamie kept “rescuing” things I had in the sale.


The $1.50 he might have made off that backpack would have purchased him a very tiny box of popcorn in Disneyland.

I guess he’s just going to have to go hungry and toyless down there.

Joking. Every penny we made today is going towards Disneyland. And in 2 years, I’ll probably have a yardsale and will be selling whatever we had purchased in Disney.


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