Baby Girls and Mama

Last weekend, it was just the baby girls and mama. Dan took the big kids on a camping trip (I didn’t want to go. Even a little bit.) so the babies and I hung out.


Character tees are so annoying. I know this. I also know that when your baby girl’s eyes light up like the 4th of July when she spots Minnie or Cinderella or Dora or any other cartoon character, your promise of never buying your kids those hideous character tees goes out the window. Way out.


And you try to make the best of it by finding coordinating bermuda shorts, crimping her hair and putting it in pigtails, and finding the most adorable hair accessories to match. It’s worth it.


But to get back on track, the babies hung out with me all weekend. And on Friday, we needed a Starbucks.



It’s hard to order when a tiny voice in the back is yelling, “Cha cha ga!!!! Cha cha gah!!!” Which is Alice for “chocolate milk.” Why would she think I wouldn’t get her a cha cha gah? Everytime I do. “And 3 boxed chocolate milks.” Because boxed is so much better than just in a cup. But since it was just us this weekend, we went with the 1 boxed chocolate milk. And Starbucks had a very satisfied customer in the backseat.


We ran some errands and then met Patrick and Megan for lunch at Tomato Bros.


Alice ate her weight in bread. Standard.


And the rest of the weekend was full of visiting with Aunt Shari and Ryan who were in town, swimming and playing with Lala and Papa, and hanging out with Pat and Megan.

The kids (and Danny) surprised us and came home a day early. Maria said she was so excited that on the whole way home she said:

“There’s no place like Mama.”

If that isn’t the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard, tell me what is.

And then, when we were swimming, she suddenly remembered something:

“OH!! Did Jamie tell you the news?”

I was expecting to hear that they found something really great, or Daddy bought them something. But no.

“I’m a rain fairy.”

That is news.


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