The Tooth Fairy

Look at this:

10 weeks-86

Notice something? Maybe that tiny little gap at the bottom of her pretty smile?

She lost a tooth.

I am not sure I have seen her so excited or proud. She is one of the last (if not the last) in her class to lose a tooth and she thought it would never happen. But yesterday, I got a call from Danny saying, “Maria wants to tell you something.” And she burst into the phone with a, “Mama!! I pulled out my tooth in art class!!” It was true, she did. And they put it in a little napkin so it wouldn’t get lost and then at Vacation Bible School, she took it out of the napkin and it fell and it took several vbs students and 2 teachers to try and locate it, which they did.

And last night, she put it under her pillow inside a special pillow that Lala got for her, hoping the tooth fairy would come and take it.

The tooth fairy did not disappoint.

10 weeks-90

The tooth fairy wrote Maria a note. The tooth fairy also forgot that Maria has a hard time reading cursive, so 1/2 way through the first word, she switched to printing. The tooth fairy also thinks more than $.25 for a tooth just makes kids greedy, so the tooth fairy gave her a quarter. A magical quarter from the tooth fairy kingdom which, very few people and children know, is much more valuable and special than a $1 bill. The tooth fairy also may have forgotten to save a $1 bill and may have given it out as a tip to the Starbucks barista on Monday.

Luckily, Maria loves it.


1 thought on “The Tooth Fairy

  1. Connie

    The Tooth Fairy is also very smart ot not set the bar too high on the first tooth of the first of four children!


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