Sandpoint Getaway

We’re a lucky bunch, the Danny Prasil family.  For lots and lots and lots of reasons.  This weekend, we were lucky enough to go up to Sandpoint to Gary and Cheri’s cabin.

oops, I mean home on the lake.  Because it’s not a cabin.


It’s gorgeous.  Not just in the way that someone would say, “Oh, you have a beautiful home.”  No.  This is the kind of gorgeous that makes you stop at the top of the steps and say, “Wow.  This is a really beautiful home.”  And you really mean it when you say it.

So Jamie opened the door



You can’t see because of the way that I edited the photo, but if you open up those doors, you see right out onto the lake.

To the right you see this:


The middle:


And the left:


And straight down below:


Like I said, we’re a lucky crew.

And we all know it.


We were all so excited to be up there, even the tiniest kitten of all.


[does it make anyone else really sad that she is getting so old??]


We got up there late Thursday afternoon, leaving Clarkston right after Danny got off work.  We had to take 2 cars, the truck and the 4 runner because we were taking the 4 wheeler and the 2 dogs.  The 2 smelly dogs.  The 2 smelly dogs that are not allowed anywhere near the 4 runner.  Gag.  So Danny drove up with only the company of the radio.  The radio that has volume controls and bass controls and you can fade it so you can hardly hear the high, low, loud, and quiet voices coming through.

But Mama?  Mama had the company of the 4 children.  One of which (Jamie) has the highest voice known to man, especially when he gets angry or excited in which case it reaches levels that may not be measurable.  Another child who repeats the same 4 phrases over and over and I only know and understand 2.  And when I don’t understand the other 2, she says them louder and louder with a little more sass each time.  That’s Alice.  Then there is Maria who tries to have conversations with me from 2 rows back.  When I tell her I can’t hear her, she shouts a little louder.  And then there is Charlotte who manages to sleep through the whole circus.

Honestly, though, I don’t mind too much.  And after 3 hours, we were at the cabin.  We ate dinner on the way in and after we unloaded everything and played a little bit, the kids cozied in.


To obviously watch a little tv.


The cabin is set up perfectly.  Downstairs there are 2 guest bedrooms, each with their own bathroom (one is in the room itself, one is in the hall next to the room).  When we go up there, we sleep in the room with the bathroom because there are 3 beds: one for Danny, Charlotte and me (Alice used to sleep where Charlotte sleeps – smack dab in the middle of us), one for Alice, and one for Maria and Jamie.  It’s perfect.

The weather was beautiful.  Sunny and warm.


The kids played on their own little private beach while we waited for Patrick and Megan arrive.


[because, really, who doesn’t wear boots to the beach?]


Jamie practiced his “dude” move.  Most of the time, it turned into him doing jazz fingers, which was hilarious.

These tiny little surfer shorts are a pair I’m keeping.  I know there is nothing super special about them, but they remind me of our trip to Hawaii, how tiny he is, and how completely un-surfer boy he is….and he still manages to pull them off.

He’s adorable.


Here’s a view of the dock from up top:


Just the week before, the water was over the top of the dock.  Ed and Sandy (the ones who built the ‘cabin’ with Cheri and Gary) and Gary and Cheri put bricks on top of the dock so the dock wouldn’t break.

And this little friend kept away the birds.


So anyway, we played on the beach and in the water while waiting for Megan and Pat.  Even the dogs played.



We were teaching the dogs how to jump in the water from the dock.  No one wants to have that dog that doesn’t have any tricks.  And we have that.  Actually, we have 2.  We’re trying to make our dogs cool, but we’re failing miserably.


At least they are pretty.

Finally Patrick and Megan got there and a little fishing took place.




And the only thing they caught was the log next to the beach.  And then the fishing was donezo.

There is something really great about clothes being peeled off and thrown on a deck, on a beach, etc., and just running around in your swimsuit.



Especially when the clothes are tiny sized.

Inside, Alice is happy.  Outside, she is, too, but inside the cabin there is soda.



When your Grandpa Gary is Mr. Pepsi, there is always a supply of soda.  And that makes Alice happy.

The adults played a little Apples to Apples while the kids played.



[that’s not Pepsi in those Pepsi cups.]

Megan put on her game face.  But I don’t think she ever won.


And then we heard something creep around the corner…


And we were attacked by an adorable tiny wolf.


He howled and howled which woke up Miss Charlotte.


And our game was over.  Apparently kids need attention and food.  Whatev.

But Danny got the 4 wheelers ready to go so we went for a ride.


Even Scout got to go.



[they’re cute]



And this was one of the views:


But then we had to head back because I was sure Maria was getting tired of babysitting the little kids.


But I was sure Danny was.  And when we got home, he had dinner almost ready.  I love it that Danny likes to cook and does it really well.  Yummy.


We picked beans from Andy’s farm and sauteed them in a little butter with onions, bacon, garlic, and then finished it off with balsamic vinegar.  So good.  And so easy.

This is just too funny not to post because it is so Alice:


After dinner Danny made caramel corn with Sandy’s recipe.  Oooooooh my.  If you like caramel corn, make this:


12 cups of air-popped popcorn.  Pop it.  Then mix together 1 C brown sugar, 1/3 cup karo syrup (okay, I THINK that is the right amount…), 1 stick of butter, and a little salt.  Melt that.  Then put 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda.  Then mix it with the popcorn and stir your little heart out so it’s all distributed evenly.  Then lay it out to cool and try not to eat the entire thing in one sitting.  You’ll fail.

Then, duh, we roasted mallows.


The next day, Ed and Sandy came up with their son-in-law Donavon and grandson Ky.


Maria loves Ky.  He is such a good boy.  SO sweet and fun and he and Maria get along really well.  I love it that my kids have a friend that they will be able to see every summer at the cabin.  I hope we see them more often than that, but knowing we will see them at least once a summer makes Maria happy and so excited to go to the cabin.

It’s hard to keep up when you’re wearing slick cowboy boots.  But it’s also hard to look really cool in water shoes.  She made a choice and she stuck with it.  I’m not sure Ky was too impressed, though.


But they all had to leave to go back to Spokane for a football game (I think?).  So we said our goodbyes and went about our day.

Megan’s a nice girl — she played hide and seek with the kids.  Hide and seek with little kids is horrible.  I think, at least.  But then again, that’s me.  At least they are horrible hiders so the game went quickly:


We settled in, ate burgers, the kids went to bed, and we watched 48 hours mystery.  I love 48 hours mystery.  I guess it’s a little more fun when you can drink (I don’t drink much when I nurse my babies…I don’t think babies like vodka and crans).  They played a drinking game where you take a drink everytime there is a twist in the mystery.  Have you ever watched 48 hours mystery?  Full of twists.

The next day, as we were cleaning up, I found this note:

“Dear Lydia, I miss you.”


Maria loves her friend.

We had a blast at the cabin and are so thankful and lucky that we are welcomed up there.  We also share a cabin with Danny’s aunt and uncle and cousins that is a few houses down from Cheri and Gary’s and that is so fun, too.  But we are procrastinators and always forget to reserve dates for that cabin, so summer arrives and lots of weekends are booked up.  And every summer I say to myself, “Next year, we’ll reserve the cabin early for a couple of weekends.”  And every summer we forget.  But it’s okay, we usually squeeze in a few days anyway.

And to end this post, here are my sweet girls.





Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “Sandpoint Getaway

  1. ruthie1985 Post author

    Oh, well you are already a nicer mom than me. Because my line is: “Don’t talk to me while I’m driving, I can’t hear you. Unless it’s an emergency. Then I can.”

  2. Jaime Coatney

    oh my gosh… was this my life? i swear i have taken that car ride, you know, the one with four kids. the one where my daughter is insisting on a coversation two rows away and i kind of want to turn up the radio and say, “I CANT HEAR YOU” but i don’t. because i’m busy cleaning up barf from the two kids who get car sick. you and me ruthie. we might be one and the same.

    jaime (debbie taylors daughter) my e-mail is if you e-mail me i will invite you to our blog. you might die of the similarity of our lives!


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