Waiting for Guests and Farmer’s Market Saturdays

What time do you think it is and what do you think they are doing?


It’s 9:00pm (hence the grainy picture when I lightened it up) and they are waiting for guests to arrive.

“Mom! When are they gonna get here? Soon? Okay….so can I wait outside for them? Okay…it’s kinda cold so can I take a blanket? Okay. Thanks.”

That was Maria. And she was going to wait outside until the guests arrived.


And then a truck pulled up and you couldn’t believe her excitement. But she walked out:


And while 9 times out of 10, Cenone’s arrival would get the super excited reaction, this time it didn’t. She was waiting for someone else. Josh and Liisa. Ooooh she could not wait to see them. And neither could Jamie. Alice….was sent to bed, so she had no clue, really. But my big kids couldn’t see them fast enough.

And they came and it was great – – they read books to them and chatted with them and then they went to Papa and Lala’s where they are staying. In the morning, we went to say hello then we headed out to the farmer’s market in Moscow. It’s so great.

Maria insisted on wearing her key chain from Paris around her neck on a ribbon. Andy, of course, got it for her while he was away on a business trip. Spoiled girl.


We parked a few blocks away from the market, and on our way, we stopped to check out the fountain.


The big kids each had one of my hands and the little kids were in the stroller. Charlotte in the infant seat and Alice here:

[how cute is she?]

I love the farmer’s market in Moscow. Quite a bit different than the one in Lewiston. For one, there are more than 3 vendors. In Moscow, SO many people come out for the market. To eat, to shop, and to play.


We came for all 3.

First, we found these flowers.


Maria is the sweetest thing. A few days ago, we were at Costco, heading towards the checkout. Maria spotted the flowers and said, “Oooh, Mama, those are beautiful. Do you think we should take some to Clay?” So sweet. So at the farmer’s market, at this beautiful flower stand, she though maybe we should get a bouquet and we should get one for Clay, too. So we did.


And I am quite certain that Clay would have loved it that Maria wanted to do that. He and Maria were pretty good little pals.

Maria was pleased with her purchase


And so was Alice.


There are lots of things at the farmer’s market that I just wanna photograph. So many different colors and textures and variety of things that I’m not even sure what they are. Like this.


It’s pretty and if I knew what it was, I might eat it, too.

But the kittens were getting hungry. Well, one in particular. Yes, it was Alice.


So she got a cupcake. And while we were paying for the cupcake, Jamie and Maria spotted something delicious to drink.


mmmm, nothing says, “Summer,” like pink lemonade. Well, maybe a few things, but nothing as pretty.

But Jamie isn’t really in to “pretty.” He didn’t like it. See?


Ooooh, but he’s pretty.

But Maria? She loved it. Like she loves most things.


But Jamie perked up and took a few slides…


Alice just hung out…


And Miss Charlotte slept.

[such a sweet baby]

And then it was time to go home.


And there is nothing sweeter to a mama than seeing her babies with their daddy — and seeing how much he loves them. It makes my heart happy.

And my face:


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