I love the 4th of July. Really, though, who doesn’t?


Yes, my kids are not only wearing red, white, and blue (duh), but the big girls are matching. Because I’m that mom.


And thanks to our friend Sara, Charlotte even had a red, white and blue outfit. If you can match your attire to the occasion and/or holiday, always do it. You will never be sorry.

Like every other year, we spent the 4th of July at my parent’s house. And, like many years, there was a little activity involved. It involved a little bit of this:


and this:



Before you start to think that gatherings at my parents’ house are just drunkfests, they totally aren’t. Like….ever.  But we had a mixed drink competition. Each couple who was entering the contest (Josh and Liisa, Danny and myself, and Patrick and Megan) had to make a mixed alcoholic drink and a fun non-alcoholic drink.

We don’t really mess around with these competitions.



Patrick and Megan came in first. They made a clamdigger (it was pretty good) which won 1st place in the mixed drink and a banana/strawberry smoothie which won 2nd place in the non-alcoholic.


[yes, it lights up]

Danny and I made a chambord/vodka/cranberry/pineapple drink which was well-received. Josh and Liisa made the blue drink which was not. Then Josh and Liisa made a smoothie/sherbet drink which was loved by many and we made a watermelon/cranberry lemonade which was not. Whatev. I don’t like colorful, blinking #1 badges so I don’t really care if I won or not.

We had some of our favorites over (except for Danny’s parents because they were out of town…so they would have been there and are definitely some of our very favorites).

Megan played with Alice in the pool (behind the giant blue whale).

And Josh and Liisa were there.


The Kubiaks came over, too.

[one of Jamie’s favorite people on Earth]

[love her]

I feel so lucky that our kids have such great friends (Charlie included, you just can’t see him in any of these photos). Lydia and Wyatt and Charlie are the best. And I know that they will be the kind of friends who, 30 years from now, will be visiting each other wherever they live. Even if it’s Australia.

We had apps and drinks before dinner which was a delicious “low-country boil” of shrimp, potatoes, sausage and spices. Yum. And an assortment of salads and mac-n-cheese and french bread that Lydia and Wyatt and Charlie’s mom made. Anna. Or Nana as Alice calls her (we kinda like her and jim, too. If they ever move away, we’ll visit them. Even in 30 years).



There was a need for a couple bandaids:

And a baby in a cannon.

The usual.

And babies being held by random people here and there…

[that blonde baby is Lilly — another one of our faves. We like Joey and Laynie, too]

This red, white and blue baby got fussy the later it got.


But not this one…she loved it all.

They all did.




And nothing can finish off a post as well as a photo of Alice eating ice cream.



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