Room Change and Dairy

I stress over things. I know, you guys are falling out of your chairs in surprise. One thing that has had be stressing for months is the room situation for the kids. Whoever built this house did not think of us and our 4 children, obviously. I mean, really, how rude. Maybe if we had 2 girls and 2 boys, it would be perfect. But we don’t. We have 3 girls and one boy. And with 3 bedrooms really close to each other, that makes it hard.

So here is the sitch. Jamie had his own room upstairs. Maria and Alice shared a room upstairs. We were upstairs. Perfect. Well then I got pregnant with baby #4.

“What a perfect time to move the big kids downstairs to their own rooms!” I exclaimed.

So Danny, being the wonderful husband he is, went along with that idea and we moved the big kids downstairs.

“What a fun time to buy the kids new bedroom furniture!” I thought.

So Danny, being the wonderful husband he is, went along with it and helped to choose bedding and accessories and things to make their rooms perfect.

So the months passed and the kids did not do well in their own rooms downstairs. They tore them apart. Books were constantly all over the floor, toys were dumped everywhere, bedding was never on the actual beds, and closets were crazy. And I never got around to decorating their rooms exactly how I wanted. So basically, the whole idea was a bust.

“This is a perfect time to move the kids back upstairs….I think.” I thought.

So Danny, being the wonderful husband he is, went along with it and while I was gone, took apart the big kids’ beds and moved them back upstairs. Currently, Alice and Jamie are sharing a room while Maria and Charlotte are in a room together. Odd combination, yes. But when Alice is out of her crib (soon) she will move in with her sisters into the ADORABLY decorated girls’ room and Jamie will have a boys room of his own. It’s still causing me stress. Why? Well because Maria’s bed is white and Jamie’s is espresso. Jamie is using Maria’s bed, but it has flowers on it, and that just won’t do. So I am trying to figure out a way to cover up the headboard and footboard (is that a word?) to make it more boyish. My Aunt Tracy is kinda a magician with fabric, so I’m gonna ask her to come and take a look. And I keep telling myself that 3 girls in one room will be just fine for several years. It will.  And so far, the only decorating I’ve done for Jamie is this:

It will get better, I promise.

Okay, so part II of this post. Dairy.

Miss Charlotte was having a bit of a fussy tummy a while back. She was very gassy and her poop was not normal, etc. etc. I ran into my lactation consultant at JoAnn’s. She knows me by name, asked about the kids and then I just came out with it.

“Uhm, do you mind me asking you something…just, like, in the middle of JoAnn’s?” I’m sure I sound like a complete ditz to so many people. I swear I’m not. I just am really awkward.

“Oh, geez, no of course not!! What’s up?”

So I explained Charlotte’s discomfort and she said to me, “Well, what some moms do is cut out dairy completely from their diet. Sometimes that helps. But sometimes, it’s just the baby going through a stage.”

So I did it. I cut out dairy. And it SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS.

Charlotte is lucky I love her so much.

And it seems to be working. So I will continue with my no-dairy diet for as long as I can. And really, it’s good for me too. I’ve lost a lot more weight than if I was just breastfeeding, which I desperately need. But cheese is so good. So is butter. And cream.

I found a few things I love, though, like these:


I first got them at New Seasons in Portland, but when I went to Albertson’s this week, they had them there too. I love them. They are actually really delicious. The best part, though?


Certified vegan. No dairy. Because normally, cookies (at least the good kind) are made with butter. And sometimes even milk or cream or something delicious. But these suckers are dairy free and delicious. Win-Win.

And then I made this last night:


It’s a non-dairy milkshake.


I spotted it first on Pinterest (my addiction. I love it so.) and then followed the link to a blog called “Chocolate Covered Katy.” And then I tweaked it a bit.

I froze 2 bananas (fyi, peel them before freezing them. I’m super smart and just left them unpeeled. Ugh.) and blended them up in a blender. Then I added some vanilla soy milk. Then a little cocoa powder. Then some sugar (because I am not on a no-sugar diet). Then a little bit of the fat that is at the top of a can of coconut milk. Then a splash of the liquid at the bottom of the can. Then a heaping spoonful of PB. Mix it all together in a blender.



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