Pink Shoes and Cars

I love summertime.  I like not getting up early and just letting the kids sleep in.  Today, Maria slept until 10.  That’s pushing it, to be honest, but I don’t mind a sleep in of 9:00 or so.  That’s just fine.

I love that Alice’s hair turns blonde after 5 minutes in the sun.



I love that my baby girl can wear new pink shiny shoes on her feet and have a fist full of cars in her hand.



And Jamie always has a car or 2…



I love a yard full of bikes and flip flops.



Abandoned for the afternoon, but available for a quick ride or slip-on at a moment’s notice.

I love my 3 babies playing together – their voices get really high and screechy and excited.


I love bottoms of feet painted with sidewalk chalk.  Love it.


Our plants are bloomed and thriving.


Berries are getting color….


…and palm trees are looking better than ever. [joke].
(when we got it, it was green…then it got really cold and it was too heavy and we were too lazy to pack it into the garage. And I guess that is what happens. And yet we still leave it out in our front driveway…)


And then inside, I hear a little kitten whimper…and realize that Charlotte has been playing so nicely under her toys, but would like to join in on the action outside.

Poor little thing.



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