Daddy and the Big Ones

Apparently while Charlotte and I were off on our little Portland adventure, Danny took the big kids (or ‘the big ones’ as they are sometimes called) on an adventure of their own. I only know this because he used my camera…and I loaded all of what I thought were just my pictures onto the computer and came across these, too.

It looks like they had fun. And since I can’t narrate these photos because I wasn’t there, I’ll just share the pictures. Enjoy.








Danny, I applaud you. While their hair is a fright, their clothing seems to be matching. And weather-appropriate. They also are smiling or eating and look like they had a blast. And even though you are too close to what I am calling wild cows, the kids seem to be safe in the back.

Really…Danny is the best daddy ever. How many dads would venture out on a last-minute hiking adventure with a 6, 4, and 2 year old? Not many I can tell you that. I heart that daddy.


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