8 weeks

Charlotte is 8 weeks old today.


It’s going by way too fast. Way, way, way too fast. I’m not ready to have big kids and I’m not ready to have them grow up.

But let’s save that gushy sad post for another time. Because Charlotte is 8 weeks old today and as beautiful as ever.


She still smiles.


And she’s still pretty tired.

[but her yawns are getting fewer and farther between…is that the saying? something like that…]


She is wonderful. She smiles more and more and is much more active. We actually got her a little floor gym thing that she can lie under and watch her toys swing around. And when the music is going and she spots her friend, Mr. Bumblebee or Ms. Frog, she smiles. I love it.

She still wears 0-3 month clothing which is good — she is only hardly 2 months old. If I had to move her on to bigger clothes, I might have a legitimate breakdown. But her 0-3 fit just fine. Perfect, actually.


Her tiny little hands are still clenched pretty tightly into fists most of the time. I remember that with my other babies. Then they get lint and fuzz in there, so by the end of the day, they really need those hands washed. Weird, but true. File that one away under “Things Ruthie taught me that might not seem real at the time, but they are totally real. Because Ruthie is always right about things.” I’m sure you have that file. Most people do.


Charlotte Clayton’s eyes are brown. Her eyes are my favorite feature — dark just like Jamie’s.  And mine. I’m selfish like that. If Danny gets the clone in Maria, I’d like something from the other kids. I’ll take the eyes. Both her eyes and Jamie’s are more beautiful than mine, duh, but the color is pretty much just like mine. Mine mine mine.  (I said ‘mine’ way too many times in this paragraph.  Whatev, you get the point.)


And her skin. Ah, her skin. It is the most delicious color brown. So dark and so beautiful. It’s perfect.

She is lovely.

8 weeks.  sigh.


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