Yard Sales in Oregon

Last weekend, Charlotte, my parents and I road-tripped to Portland for a yard sale.


What?  You don’t drive 6 hours in a truck with an attached trailer full of baby clothes, kids’ shoes, dvds, books, and toys to sell at a yard sale?  Then you’re nuts.

Yard salers are a hilarious breed.  There are the “drive by really slowly but don’t stop” people.  There are the “try and get $1 off no matter what the price” people.  Then there are the people who actually buy the hideous 2 piece outfit for $3.  Suckers.

It was actually really fun.  We hung out at Josh’s house and sold a bunch of stuff and in exchange for just letting them keep the money from my stuff that sold, he gave me a long board that he was going to sell.  Ya know, a long board so I can totally, like, cruise around all the time.  Because, ya know, I have a lot of free time to just cruise around.

But with my mom’s stuff, my stuff, and a bunch of their own stuff, they made something crazy like $580.  Ridiculous.  And since I kind of forgot to go get the stuff that was in our storage before it was too late (we were in Umatilla by the time I realized it) we are going to put on our own yardsale.  So if any of you readers (ha) are needing things for your yard, home, kids’ clothes, kids’ toys, kids’ shoes, women’s, men’s, and teen sized clothing and shoes, or other random crap, keep in touch.


And because every post is about 100x better with pictures, I’m hoping that Liisa emails me the pictures I took so you can see just how awesome yard sales in Oregon can be.  If we’re in charge, of course.


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