A fun family outing. By myself. To a pool. With 4 kids.

So yesterday, I told the kids, “If it’s nice out tomorrow, I’ll take you guys to the aquatic center. The outside part.”

It’s kinda torture in the summer for my kids on any drive home. We always go the same way: up the grade that overlooks the aquatic center. The aquatic center with the really big colorful slides. The fun waterfall toys. The lazy river (whose current, I might add, isn’t so lazy). It all looks so refreshing to tiny kids strapped tight in their carseats. And every day I hear, “When can we go to the outside part??”

Yesterday I decided that today would be the day. I’d put on my swimsuit, lather myself and the kids up with spf 50, pack the towel bag along with the diaper/clothes/sunscreen/burp cloth/cell phone/$ bag, get the floaties together, and I’d conquer the aquatic center — by myself with 4 young children.

I happened to get up early today and when I looked outside it was bittersweet: the weather was gorgeous. Which was great because it’s been so cold until this last week. But it was also a little sad because it meant I was going to the aquatic center.

But at least I got to look at this:

(isn’t she sweet?)

We finally got all the kids (we? I meant I) ready to go. A quick jump on the bed and a photo shoot, and we were off.




[i love polka dots]


So there we are. 11:30am, just when it opens. It was a quick trip thanks to a couple things. Number one, I got asked to put a towel over charlotte’s head when I nursed her. Not gonna happen. Number 2, Maria lost her “lazy river” privilege (yep, that’s totally a privilege) when she asked 10 times to swim in it. I told her that if she asked one more time, she couldn’t go in it at all. She did. She asked again. And then cried and cried when I told her about the lost privilege. Oh, and the 3rd thing was my kids wanted a snack. This was after we had just eaten. So yeah, it was a quick 1-hour swim trip, but it was nice to know that I can do it!

So maybe we’ll go again. And I’ll make sure ALL my kids are fed well before.


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