7 weeks old


At 7 weeks old, Charlotte Clayton is still sweet as can be.

She is calm, happy, and sleepy.


Very sleepy.


And when she is really, really sleepy, she kinda fusses a bit, but is easily rocked to sleep. And when she’s awake and fed, she is the happiest little thing.


She’s awake more and more and studies our faces. She follows my voice with her head if someone else is holding her and I love it. And what else?….


It’s true. She smiles.


And it’s the sweetest smile ever.


She’s a lucky baby who has so many people who adore her. One of them being her big sister.



And at 7 weeks and with her being my 3rd girl, she had no chance of escaping the accessories that come along with it all:


And at 7 weeks, she’s outgrown her newborn diapers, her newborn outfits, and it’s not quite as easy to just run somewhere really quickly because “she’ll just sleep.” Because she doesn’t “just sleep” now. She’s starting to wake up. Like a baby kitten. But that’s okay.

We’re ready to really meet her.



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