It has been a while since I’ve done a post.




But to be fair and honest, I’ve been busy.  Busy with 4 young children (it still blows my mind I have 4 kids ages 6 and under), busy cooking breakfast, lunches, and dinners.  Busy changing diapers : itty bitty sometimes-still-size-nb size and larger should-really-think-about-potty-training size.  Busy driving with the music turned up just load enough so the kids’ shouts sound more like whispers.  Busy playing with friends and meeting bigger friends for coffee.  Busy cuddling and smiling and laughing.

Oh, and busy raising $18,000.

Yeah.  No big deal.  $18,000.  That’s how much we raised at our benefit dinner for our friend Don (his lungs are ‘broken’ as my kids say, and he needs some new ones).  The silent auction that I was in charge of raised over $8,000.  And while I was “in charge of it,” it really came down to our great donations, most of which were solicited by my dad and me.  And my mom was the one really in charge of the whole thing.  It was all her idea, the food was great (her idea), the location was perfect (her idea), and ticket sales raised quite a bit of money (her idea for ticket-sales and her encouragement along the way to sell, sell, sell).  It was a really fun event and that $18,000 will help pay for Don’s medication, travel expenses, food, etc.

So oops.


I’ve been busy.  But there will be a new post soon.  I promise.


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