The Dress

Charlotte wore a special dress for her baptism.

I mean, it’s just a dress…but it’s special to me.

Maria wore it when she was baptized in 2005.

Alice wore it when she was baptized in 2009.

I wore it when I was baptized in 1985.

My mom wore it when she was baptized in 1959.

See?  Special.

And I’ve said it before here on the blog several times, but my grandma and I were quite close.  It was probably because (well, duh, it’s totally because) my mom and her were very close.  We would go out to her house almost everyday.  Up until I left for college.  I seriously saw my grandma at least 3 times a week when I was in highschool.  Probably 5 times a week when I was in elementary.  And lots of times, more than that.  When she died in 2004, I took a week off of school in Seattle and stayed home (still got an A in calculus, cough cough).  It was pretty rough.  But I’m so happy that I have so many really wonderful memories of her.  And one memory that I don’t have of her, but that I can picture and imagine (and I still love) is of her dressing my mom in the very same gown that I dressed my babies in.  And that is why this dress is so special to me.

Here is Miss Alice when she wore it (I took her pictures in it when she was older — 4 months about?)

And here is Miss Charlotte:




I am so sad that I don’t have any “good” ones of Maria in the dress.  We have a few, but the best one is…get this…on a hot pink blanket.  What were we thinking?  Clearly we weren’t thinking of the 2 future baby girls I would have, and the need to have somewhat matching pictures of all of them in the dress.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!


I might have to dig through some pictures and get the ones of me in it (surely there is at least one picture of me in the dress) and one of my mom.  Wish me luck.






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