Charlotte Clayton is Baptized

This sweet little thing got baptized on Sunday.


She was so good during the whole thing. Didn’t make a peep.

Patti was her godmother. Patti is one of my mom’s really great friends, and I just love her. She has been so wonderful to my family and me and I think of her more of an aunt than just “my mom’s good friend.” She really is part of my family.


And Cenone is her godmother, too. And she’s more than just “my good friend.” She’s family. She loves my babies almost as much as I do.


Yep. 2 godmothers. Alice has 2 godfathers (Joe and Alex) so I didn’t even blink at the fact that I had chosen 2 godmothers for Lottie. I sent in my paperwork, Heidi in the office called to confirm (she totally knew they were both women), so we were good to go. We get to the church, are standing in the back (Patti, Cenone, Danny, Charlotte and me) and Fr. Julio says, “Could the godfather not make it?” And I said, “Oh, no, she just has 2 godmothers.” Not okay, apparently, in Fr. Julio’s super strict traditional Catholic world. “No. She can only have one. So only one will be the godmother.”

But don’t worry. We snuck them both up there. And honestly, I can’t really imagine anyone else being her godparent, because I chose 2 perfect ones already. I don’t think God minds. But luckily, if he does, he’ll forgive us….


Charlotte looked beautiful in her baptism gown. She wore the same one that Alice, Maria, myself, AND my mom wore. Sweet, huh?

Oh, and we are spoiled in the friends and family department. Both sets of Charlotte’s grandparents came. ALL of her aunts and uncles (including ones who had to drive 6 hours from portland and 1 who had to fly from LA, and 1 who gave up fun concert plans just to be there!). Danny’s cousin and her kids. My aunt.

I think who touched me the most being there was Clay’s mom, Connie, and his brother and his wife, Jordan and Fran. They really could have just come to our house for the party afterwards, but they made sure they were at mass, too. Talk about sweet.

The mass was great — Charlotte did so well, and the godmothers didn’t screw up….not too bad. And after the mass, we went back to our house where even more people joined us for brunch.  Patti made quiche, Stacey brought a breakfast “pizza,” Tracy made artichoke frittata, Cenone and Andy made cream cheese yummy stuffed strawberries and my parents brought fruit and juice.  We added that to the Costco assortment of breads and pastries and a little champagne, and it was delicious.

Charlotte was given some of the sweetest gifts, too — a chandelier for her room, her very first rosary and bible (and a cute little thing to put it in), a stuffed lamb, a picture frame, adorable clothes, and fun books.  Ah, like I said, she is a spoiled baby.


But after all of that excitement, she was just ready to cuddle.



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